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Thanks for the kind words on the new home and slightly refreshed look of Must Reads 217. Today's Must Read is about 5 1/2 minute read.

This week I am reading - Build: An Unorthodox Guide to Making Things Worth Making by Tony Fidell. This week I am listening to - Emotion By Design - Greg Hoffman.

Last week in London: I went to the free Tiffany exhibition in Sloane Square and the AR tech was quite impressive (almost as impressive as millions of pounds of diamonds in one place) below me at the exhibition playing with the interactive message wall. Watch theldndiaries instagram reel of the wall below.

Danny Denhard at Tiffany exhibition

Must Read Stories Of The Week

Work Must Reads

Make The Most Out Of Ideas 💡 - Stop throwing the post-it notes in the bin or using another miro board where no one will ever revisit! Here's how to improve ideas and get the most out of ideas.

PepsiCo Believes The Future Is Connected 🪄- PepsiCo has been building experiences over the last three years, understanding that what we once wanted and accepted is not what we want in the future. Being connected and creating IRL experiences is something they are doubling down on retail - Customers want more experiences>> I clearly called this out in February 2021 in everything as an experience  

Meet Ana - “The Digital Human” 🤖- The team behind PUBG has leveraged the unreal (gaming engine) to create Ana, their digital human (aka avatar). It’s going to be incredible to watch these improvements and how immersed some people become connecting with digital humans like Ana - Meet Ana 

Disney = Religion ⛪️ - Long time must readers will remember how I refer to some generational brands (long-time brands passed down from parent to child on so on) as religions, not just companies. Disney is probably the best brand religion out there, including gods to worship, places to pray and stories to follow from childhood to your adulthood. This is where Disney becomes a religion for adults.

Are Chat Apps A Positive For Your Work Experience? 💬 - So many companies are struggling with culture and performance, would removing chat apps like Slack and Teams help? Here is a related read from an investor's POV on what they see company culture to be and why many get culture wrong.

F1 Explained 🏎 - This is a great video explaining F1, the finance, the marketing and the science - Watch F1 Explained 

Consume Better ✅ - I am a huge believer you should consume the right content to help you develop your thinking and your career. The New York Times investor day deck is a great resource for GM's, Growth (slide 130+) and Product (slides 80+) people.

Jobs On Must Reads: Friend of Must Reads Camilla @ FACEGYM is hiring! FACEGYM have 3 roles open all hybrid, mid-weight motion designer, ecommerce manager & a junior creative. If you’re interested please reach out to [email protected]

Life Must Reads

Probably The Best Buzzfeed Article In Years ⬆️ - The 75 most relatable things ever

How Fandom Drove BTS Into The World's Biggest Pop Band 🕺- The most undervalued element of marketing is the superfan and how fanatical fandom constantly connected drives the growth and appeal of pop acts - Read how BTS fans drove their success

Your Router Positioning Is Key For WiFi 🔐 - Good article helping you to know where to you place your router for better connectivity (and helps you pick a better router).

Prison Consultant Is A Thing 🟠 - Did you know there is a profession where you hire someone (not a lawyer) and who can consult on your behalf and act as a prison consultant? Me either but apparently (unsurprisingly) it's big business.  

I always find it fascinating to watch creatives show their process:

Get Coached: As a reminder, I offer coaching for leaders, here are my 14 coaching principles to help you understand my style. Email me for leadership & marketing coaching - [email protected] // In the coming weeks I am hosting Marketing roundtables, appearing on a number of podcasts and speaking at an internal conference. Get in touch if you'd like to discuss options with me [email protected] or hit reply!

Well Worth The Watch

Does Ben & Jerry's Win From Its Activism? Likely...

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