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The Importance Of Blue

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Work Must Reads

Inspire Company Culture 👌 Can A Swedish Tradition Help Connection A previous “well worth the watch” Swedish tradition Fika (going for coffee and cake) helps to create connection because it's rude to break and you build different connections. Learn how fika could help you and your colleagues - Read More

Honestly, When Will Coinbase Learn? 👎 Does top-down company culture really work in 2022? Not by the looks of things, learn from their mistakes - Read More

4 Day Week Mass Experiment 🇬🇧 In the UK there are a number of businesses entering into the 4-day week pilot. A paid experiment (32 hours not the 40 hours per week - this is important to non-office-based jobs in the trial). My concern with 4-day work weeks and speaking to numerous business leaders is - without the proper thought process and planning you are squeezing in work into a smaller window and not reducing anxiety, you’re increasing it as there is less time for real-time work versus asynchronous work. Be mindful when you see headlines celebrating this as we will likely see mixed results of those who just didn’t help to facilitate 5 days work into 4 - Read More>> Here are 5 smart ways other businesses have rethought the work week

How Over The Top App Tracking Went Unpunished 📲 Tim Horton’s is so dominant in Canada that McDonald’s estimated they’d need 3x the number of current stores to compete in Canada. When someone reversed engineered their success they had almost 1 in 3 Canada’s installed the app…impressive but…the app tracked users when the app was shut and logged everywhere you went with intel on your habits. Oddly Hortons got away with the tracking. Uber did something similar and now you can thank apps like these for privacy and location concerns and warnings - Read More

Amazon Prime Air 🛬 Drone delivery was mentioned way back in 2019 and despite all the PR never becoming a thing, well in California you will be able to get a delivery in or around 30 minutes. There are a lot of hoops to get a drone delivery... - Read More 

ShrinkflationA number of weeks ago I shared how many brands are raising prices but downsizing the bottles of soda or reducing the weight of food etc. Pepsi reduced 600ml to 500ml and kept the priced at £1.09. Here is another example of how brands leverage Shrinkflation to avoid losing customers. - Read More

Cost Of Coffee Shops 💴 One of my favourite interview questions is how would you go about Marketing a coffee shop in London, here’s a breakdown of the economics of a coffee shop in London - TikTok Video

Life Must Reads

Present Ideas 🎁 It's fathers day this weekend (in the UK), here are the best last-minute grooming ideas for dad. - Read More

Portal Coca-Cola Billboard 🥤 Coke” is finally appearing on alcohol cans with their partners, this is a great example of how Coca-Cola will be going back to neuromarketing and billboarding.

Why Rituals Are Key 🔐 Rituals are key, like habits it is how we are engineered as humans. Learn how to shape and create good rituals to improve your day(s) - Read More

Why Big Tech Wants In Cars 🚘 Hint, it's all about tech but where you spend your time and have important conversations and life moment - Read More

Why Blue Is Likely Your Favourite Colour 💙  All to do with exposure and priming - Read More

Here are 3 great tools you will love - (1️⃣) refind helps to serve you great content - (2️⃣) tl:dv get tldr of long video meetings - (3️⃣) handmirror great quick shortcut to check your background and see what might be distracting on your video meetings.

Well Worth The Watch

How Oatly lost its dominate position with poor judgement and sloppy operations

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