Must Reads 277 👀

>> Whats Your Character

👋 Must Reads 277 is here!

This week’s themes covered are:

  • Why energy is so important

  • How ugly shoes are taking over the world again

  • Dating docs wave 2.0

  • Streaming wars & strikes

  • Why 10k steps recommendation is now different…

» Energy Control 🪫- Here is the thing no one tells you when you become more senior, it’s down to 3 things, motivation, playing the game and communication and the unspoken how to control your energy.

The new ugly shoe is taking over

» The Story Behind The Ugly Shoe Taking Over 👀- The ugly shoe take over has been written about for a few years now, from Crocs to dad new balance shoes to Hoka running trainers and now the mountain shoes. As Seth Godin would say it only takes the right cool kid to reintroduce the yoyo, ugly shoes have the same principle

++ Trivia ++ What is the new “recommendation” of the number of steps we should be taking every day (A) 5k (B) 7.5k (C) 11k (D) 15k?

» Good Google Or Evil Google? 🤷 - Google changed the way we searched and saved information, allowing anyone with some skill (and learning SEO abilities) to rank and influence how people found and kept information. In this evolving AI world this is about to shift again to fewer options and more answers, we should understand that often this information might be inaccurate or with AI-driven results could be hallucinations.

» Date Me Docs 2.0 📑 - As I said in must reads 229, there was a new trend happening people creating dating profiles in google docs and sharing detailed reviews of themselves, there is now directories built-in Notion to help you shift through and find your match. How dating has changed…

The top 2 streaming programs are making huge splashes for Netflix and proving great content travels well

» Streaming Old & New 🤵‍♀️- Suits has just broken a streaming record (& not airing a new episode since 2019). It shows you how a good show is often timeless. Whilst Netflix’s The Lincoln Lawyer has topped 1b minutes views. It shows how old and new really are important for streaming content. The parallel many can struggle with are YouTube and streaming have the same balance to make, surfacing old content and giving enough juice behind new content in their feed and external marketing alongside driving word-of-mouth referrals. I know I have a few WhatsApp groups full of recommendations & I recommend both shows

» TikTok 💜 Podcasts - Podcasts are hard. TikTok helps to drive attention and has worked for many average podcasts to gain listeners (especially based on reality TV and adult themes). TikTok is going to allow podcasters to link their RSS feeds to connect TikToks and podcasts so you can listen to the longer form pod after watching/listening video. I expect TikTok to embed podcasts in the very near future

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» Making Money When Others Don’t 🪧 - Cameo has been in the news some for good (like James Buckley aka Jay from Inbetweeners making over £1m in short videos) some bad (letting going a large % of their staff) and now for mixed reasons, enabling actors involved in the strike to make some money and get in front of their fans with paid short videos. This is a sore subject but this is a stark reminder even those paid millions per show need to earn money anyways they can.

» F1 Characters 🏎️ - A little like wrestling or fighters in the UFC to get known and become supported you have to become a character and play a role. We have seen this in the corporate world and is not so surprising f1 drivers are now being more open and transparent in interviews (FWIW most F1 drivers are overly media trained and don’t answer honestly in interviews and podcasts so let’s hope it brings out their personalities)

» How Primark Makes Money Without ECommerce & “Shopping Momentum” Works (watch)

» What Did The Plastic Straw Movement Achieve? 🥤- An interesting take on the impact of removing plastic straws - different results but a positive outcome.

++ Trivia Answer ++ It is actually (A) 5k, this actually highlights a few issues with the original 10k (I stand by how important hitting 10k was for me when attempting to get healthier) and that the 10k number was marketed better than the other numbers in other studies.

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Danny Denhard