205: What we can learn from unofficial roles within business

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Must Read Stories Of The Week

  1. 💪The Unofficial Role Of The Translator - There are so many important unofficial roles within business, how about the middle person role…the translator, their impact is far more important than you have thought - Link

  2. 👩‍💼 🧑‍💼 👨‍💼 Disney Execs Fall Out - One of the most important lessons from my professional career is what goes on in the boardroom rarely stays there and this story is important to understand how your top execs have to get on privately and publicly. Be cautious of managing relationships with internal and external talent - Link

  3. 🇮🇳 Cultural Shifts Matter - Ikea learnt quickly, adapt or die and in a key market like India they thrived when they shifted their typical one size fits all and adapted to the Indian market - Link

  4. 📲 Pokemon Go A City Revenue Stream? How about £11.9m worth for Liverpool. Here’s the thing to consider, when you are thinking about location and local you can think bigger and broader than you think you can and local businesses will thrive with extra people and interaction (like a mini Olympics)- Link 

  5. 🏎 Netflix Influence On F1 - Netflix’s true power is finding & creating shows and amplifying them through their newsfeed and ensuring their users want to talk about the show to drive more interest. Netflix & F1 is the perfect combo and this deep-dive why is brilliant. - Link (H/T goes to friend of Must Reads Jamie P) » FYI F1 is winning from fan bundling - where people are not just team fans but driver fans as they see their personality. Similar to how kids now support football players first and then the football team second

  6. 😂 Why LOL Is The Default For So Much - I am guilty of this - LOL is the default response to many situations, here is why blame pragmaticalization- Link 

  7. 📱 Smartphones Now Uncool? - One of the bubbling under the surface themes of the last five years is people moving away from the smartphone and attempting to use ‘dumb phones’. It’s a trend to fight distraction, interruptions and be less trackable. Will you join the movement? - Link 

  8. 🍱 The History Of The Calorie - Calories and food literacy is essential to improving health and ensuring we look after ourselves, the history of the calorie is fascinating, this rundown from the 1920’s until today can help shape this simple but important area of our lives- Link

  9. 😯 Goop Exposed - Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop has come under attack numerous times for questionable products and recommendations. Goop’s culture and practises have now been exposed by Elise Loehnen (the CCO aka the second in command). Be warned if you’re going to release a TV show, it may bite back - Link

  10. 👏 Job Specs Advice - Here is a great Twitter thread on how to improve your job specs and speak to your target audience most effectively

  11. 😝 TikTok Trio 

Friends Of Must Reads Are Hiring: 

  • Lisa (CEO) at Daye (innovating in gynae health) is hiring a Head of Brand Marketing, is this for you? Here’s what Lisa had to say about the role - Link to role 

  • Charlotte (MD) at luxury art marketplace MyArtBroker is hiring a Lead Acquisition Coordinator - Link to role

💭 Thought Of The Week 💭

Typically “Cheap” & Luxury Struggle To Go Together - Can eBay Be Luxurious When Users Think Of It As Cheap(est)?

  • eBay launched in 1995 and was known for selling anything you didn’t want anymore.

  • eBay is in a place where it needed to step up and branch out. In recent years it’s been challenged by new marketplaces and lost some of its relevancy.

  • Now it is expanding its tech offering and sellers’ ability to sell luxury.

  • It’s had challenges in sneakers, it will likely fall short in luxury, particularly designer reseller.

Well Worth The Watch

I love watching superstars of their field perform and break down their process, here is another brilliant example:

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