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A little must reads before Christmas

Good Morning & Happy Holidays 🎄

Welcome back to Must Reads, where I share great articles, podcasts and videos you have unlikely seen or read in your feeds, inboxes and slack/teams channels.

Today I have a shorter edition of must-read with 6 stories to read and then share. — Danny Denhard, Must Reads Editor (Twitter, LinkedIn, Email)

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Must Read Articles Of The Week

  1. 21 Leadership Lessons From 2021 👩‍💼 Some of the good, bad, and the outright ugly leadership lessons to take away from this year - Read the 21 lessons

  2. Kick off 2022 Right 👍 Got a team or lead a business? - Read and bookmark how to kick off 2022 right 

  3. The Best Business Podcasts 🎧 I had a couple of requests for the best business podcasts (that aren’t mine 😉) and I shared them here // Here are the Listen to the best episodes of them here

  4. Behind The Scenes Look At Spotify Wrapped 🎵 One of the unofficial marketing events of the year, here is a look at Spotify wrapped and their incredible reach of the ultra-personal marketing campaign - Read what makes Spotify listeners share

  5. How Twitter Uses….Twitter 🐦 Yes they use it completely differently to you and I, and the internal love a DM chain - Read how to tweet like a Twitter-er 

  6. The Most Powerful Images of 2021 😀 Each year I share the best or the most powerful images of the year, this year there are has been some incredibly powerful images and some will actually fill you with pride - See the top images » Pair With: Here are 20 incredible pics from Space

Lastly: Here’s a cool campaign by LinkedIn and Cameo 

🐼 Something To Make You Smile  - Watch a Panda sliding in the snow - pure joy!!

3 Tweets To Entertain

Good Rules To Borrow? 

Brand Bants 

Goop-y? When you might just have selected the wrong person for a bitcoin give away:

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