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Everyone loves valuable advice no? This tweet really nailed it for me. I highly recommend Scott Belsky’s video (and the book it comes from) from 99u conference.

🤩 10 Must Reads 🤩

  1. 💪How RiRi (Rihanna) become a global make-up and clothing leader RiRi has had a great few years from a business POV, highlighting how you can build, leverage and develop partnerships to release what you are passionate about.

  2. 💳Apple card was released in the US, here’s a deeper look at their apple (pay) card strategy is  Apple is being incredibly smart in being physically in your wallet, leveraging the cool factor like Monzo (+ other challenger banks are available) and being your digital wallet. Apple might well own the next fashion accessory. A way to think of this is: iPod —> White iPod headphones —> Macbook (coffee shop) —> iPhone —> Watch —> Airpods (rich boy check) —> Credit card.

  3. 👂Even Skype contractors are listening to your Skype calls and reading the call logs. When will tech companies learn to tighten this up or stop it?Related: Twitter admits another leak of data 

  4. 🤳FFS: Instagram allowed a “trusted partner” track users locations, bios and photos Facebook’s move to have “from Facebook” maybe came early as a potential trusted partner leveraged loopholes to gain more information than any user would allow knowingly. I know this won’t hit many users today but overtime we will question what impact this had on us and our decision to be “open” online.

  5. 📺Not a fan of the framing but Netflix an YouTube are now considered third and forth most popular channels in UK Netflix and YouTube are more TV for people and far more addictive and replaced TV rather than just channels, comparing them as a channel is light for me but unscheduled TV (no guide needed) has become the canonical channel for many (especially younger audiences) and will continue while normal TV struggles to control your schedule and habits. Watch what you want to watch vs what is on and when. FWIW Sports is the only thing that bucks this.

  6. 🚏Uber wants to be your journey pal, selling public transport tickets and be your bus service. Uber and Lyft (and Citymapper) have battled this out for a couple of years now, expect this to continue, whether the Metro card or Oyster is replaced by an app or a physical pass. There is an opportunity here, who will win maybe it’s the mobile OS providers who decide - Apple vs Android will continue to dictate many moves in coming years.

  7. 🏡Here’s why experiences is hugely important for Airbnb and co Experiences are everywhere and is an obvious next step for these companies. Especially in travel, experience the local at scale has been the untapped resource for decades. I expect this to become a ‘perk’ for many in coming years, whether Airbnb controls this market or is swallowed by Google (maps is slowly becoming their prime product) let’s see.

  8. 🤔Find out what Apple, Facebook and Spanx have in common Many businesses spring from side hustles, I predict many more will come in the next wave of business post app driven world.

  9. 👩‍💻Do you have the fear of public speaking or want to improve? Well you’re not alone, although the trick is not to memorise everything. As someone who does it four to five times a year (latest deck here) and much prefers having a deck and presentation to support it, often it goes best when i’m not over prepared.

  10. 😠 Google is shutting down Trips (its planning holidays and get away apps) and rolling into its web properties Google is known for leveraging its scraping of the web, its huge dominance and power is a moat few less can ever develop, maintain and ultimately leverage. Google’s ability to aggregate, build and offer new tools and apps to their users is unrivalled. Google learns from this cycle (mostly user interactions and unique data) and then if the project is successful, Google often will roll into the core products suite (search, gmail and importantly for them…ads) and in this instance this is no difference. Maps is something Google are building around as a core product and will be interesting how it continues to feast on the travel industry and step up the brand and utility ladder.

✊Long Read Of The Week ✊I rarely call out one specific #LongReads but Matthew Ball has written possibly the best strategic review of The Streaming Wars you will ever read. If you are into TV, video on demand and streaming, go grab a coffee and read it .

Byron 🍔 has changed their logo and for me alone it got a lot of replies (not particularly positive but funny nonetheless). What do you think of this logo?

🧠 Thread of the week 🧠

There was talk this week of Disney looking to remake some classics, including Home Alone, Jen Lewis (an app developer / graphical artist) already did this. BTW her Twitter account is kind of hilarious.

💡Hack of the week 💡

Did you know meme’s are shared 7x more than non meme content on Instagram? Well go getting meme-ing (Source). ➡️Go meme.

🤔 Final Thought 🤔

The co-founder of Basecamp is great to follow on social media, this is one of his updates from the week. I think his rant will clearly divide opinion however one thing you are always taught is you can never get back time and every second counts, so my question this week is - Can you get anything done in 10 minutes that values those minutes?

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