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FYI: Last week’s most-read article was Is Google’s manifesto are a PR Stunt?

Must Read Articles Of The Week

  1. SuperFan Marketing Channel? 🆕
    The Superfan is the channel so many people and brands overlook and its criminal. Learn from smart brands like Peloton, Notion, Kanye West & Maya Jama on how to leverage the superfan as a channel - Read the full article
  2. Do You Leverage Your Edge? ↗️
    Q. Do you know your edge? Do you know how it works for your benefit? Understand how you should look at your edge and how you might leverage and teach it - Read the full article 
  3. Apple To Kill Off The Notifications Overload We All Hate 👏
    I have written at length about how Apple hates push notifications and invading your attention, iOS15 might just be the saviour many of us are looking for. Apple has proactively taken numerous positive steps in the upcoming launch to stop notification overloads from the likes of Facebook and food delivery apps. Not great news for these businesses (yes, they will find ways around it like more emails or reverting back to text messages) however this is great for many people’s mental health and anxiety - Read the full breakdown
  4. TripAdvisor & Airbnb Challenging Google Local Search? 📍
    It is time Google actually has some decent competition, apparently, now it is coming from travel brands like TripAdvisor and (PR & Brand powerhouses) Airbnb. I personally wouldn’t check either for local information, however, I can imagine why the brands are being used as utilities especially when so many of us are craving to travel and discover new things locally or where we might be travelling to.
    Something to consider when the use of search clashes with discovery (remember recommendations by TikTok algorithm are causing real issues for SMB’s) will there be one place to trust or will it be curated again - Read the full story 
  5. Creative Director Titles 🆕
    Much was made of 🇬🇧 reality TV star Molly Mae (pic above) when Pretty Little Thing (a fast fashion company) made her their creative director recently, the criticisms were directed at the title and how much influence she will have over styling and brand direction.
    Kendall Jenner was also given the creative director role this week at FWRD. The title might well be causing a stir but their influence further than promoting products and lines shouldn’t be overlooked (3.55m likes on the pic). They both have a number of relevant experiences, roles and businesses (including a fake tan business & 818 - a tequila business) and will be able to add insights, value and expertise to these brands and then hopefully be taken more seriously - Read the full story
  6. Why Is The Hyperlink Blue? 🔵
    The hyperlink is still one of the most powerful tools online, for users and for Google and social networks. Here is a little history lesson in why it is blue and why it traces back to the 1960’s. - Read the full article  
  7. The Reluctant Pop Star? ⭐️
    Over the last week we have seen new albums drop, numerous Donda related Kayne West stunts (donda album is 😒 btw), Taylor Swift joins and break records on TikTok and importantly seen the rise of the pop star who never really craves the limelight and want all the unwanted attention.
    This Buzzfeed article is 👍 - Read the full article
  8. Why PizzaHut Are Going Into Grocery Stores 🍕
    Throughout 2020 and 2021 we saw brands diversifying to ensure their brand reaches new audiences and stays connected to their fans, Pret went into Tesco (frozen aisle’s) and added stores inside of larger Tesco Extra’s, we saw Starbucks double down in their out of store offerings, Costa expanded their ranges since being acquired by Coca Cola and now it’s the turn of Pizza Hut to go (into CPG) where the consumers are. We are going to see this expand further, particularly with YumBrands brands & how Pepsi and co (example below) are bringing their brands together to push more sales and make advertising budgets go further - Read the full article 
  9. WTAF is an NFT 💰
    Morning Brew (another great newsletter) shared a great tweet thread on what an NFT is, what the opportunity is and why you may just be misunderstanding what makes digital art worth the investment - Read the tweet thread
  10. O2O Time - Netflix Cultural Impact 🎭
    Netflix is famous for being a streaming service, it still has over 1m (yes million) DVD users in the US and is now apparently considering going into cinema’s (theatre’s) to have a bigger cultural impact. Remember Netflix’s goal is time watched, Movies just don’t grab the users time like series do and Netflix actively moved away from large catalogues for this reason. Netflix going (mostly) online to offline could be considered a smart move
    - Read the full post  
  11. Credit Crunch: BNPL BIG bet on Ads 💳
    I have been hard on BNPL, their business models are loss leading and many people just do not understand how they work against you.
    Even Amazon has jumped on the bandwagon rolling out a test with one provider. BNPL have had to go to selling ads and paid placements to make up for $150-$250m losses. The risk here is on the consumer, being served ads almost validates these services (brand association works particularly well) and targeting enables brands to target this specific demographic. It’s a smart move from BNPL players but a dangerous one for naive consumers, watch this space for fallout - Read the full breakdown

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