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Must Read Stories Of The Week

—For Work—

The Fight Behind Closed Doors 🥊 There is nothing worse than feeling helpless as a department lead. But there are times you need to step up and force positive change. Why is this important? The leadership teams fight (behind closed doors) numerous times a week and it spills over and impacts the business far more than most realise. This article helps to show what happens and where needs actual leadership not just a load of managers who just sit back and allow negative atmospheres to happen. - Read More

Why Farmers Are The Example To Prove Hybrid Work, Works 👨‍🌾 👩‍🌾 Says exactly what it needs to…- Read More 

How Discord Became The Home For Fandom 💬 I have a bug bearer, businesses using community and groups interchangeably, when discussing how connecting at deeper levels with customers and fans. Discord has become the go to home for bands connecting directly with ther fans and this long read really breakdown how Discord works and why it works for smart (smaller) musicians and music groups. - Read More

Self Driving Car Struggles 🤖 As a non-driver, I like the idea of self-driving cars and the opportunity to be able to work in a safe way in a car between home and a meeting or in-person coaching session. Unfortunately, it appears self-driving car projects are struggling with standard items causing issues with breaking then causing accidents. Sometimes we say humans are stupid but our senses and conditioning really set us apart. - Read More » Related read: How self-driving cars are blocking fire trucks 

How A Tweet Brought Down A Cartel 😆 You see celebrities and sports people mess up by tweeting stupid stuff or copying and pasting things from their team but you wouldn’t expect a cartel leader to be so reckless tweeting about a boxing match and being caught out by local law. - Read More

TikToks Food Influence 🍟 TikTok’s influence is often questioned but ask small businesses when they land, the influence of TikTok is undeniable, it has driven hundreds of people to a random fish and chips shop and some even driving 6 hours to sample their food. - Read More Did you see the BBC Zoom issue 😂


Merch’s Impact On Streetwear 🍔 What do the latest merch drops have in common? High street stores and fast-food restaurants dropping questionable clothing to become billboards and marketing channels for the brand and re-influence culture. It’s smart merch is received well (purchased and worn), if not it can be very costly for all brands involved. Are you a fan of big brands going after the drops? - Read More

—For Life—

Will Eco Food Labels Help Or Hinder Your Shopping Choices? 🍌  

Haribo Happiness? 🍬 Here’s a nice mix science and art behind the 100 year old candy company Haribo. Did you know they produce 100m sweets per day?!? That’s 1000 different varieties too. - Read More

Where The Pricing Of Shopping Has Increased 🛒 Pasta Increased pasta up by as much as 50%, beef mince up 32p (40¢) & chicken breast, which rose by 28p (35¢). Decreases included potatoes down 14%, cheese -7%, pizza -4%, chips -3% & apples (-1%) - Read More

📲 Building Connection Or Comparison Culture 😓 Good overview of what the mobile is supposed to be (➕’ve connection engine) and what it has been built into anxiety engine aka the culture comparison device (➖’ve) - Read More

Finding Lost Amazonian Cities By Air 🛩 It is pretty insane how we discover or rediscover cities by flying or sailing over the top of areas of the planet. It happens fairly often and made me question; is there a business in looking for land by scanning the planet and areas we do not know much about? With all of the destruction of the Amazon, there must be a company who specialises in this? - Read More

Standard Future Travel?


Well Worth The Watch ⏯

Does Gambling really need more help to encourage more bets? Apparently yes, here’s how many are levergaing IRL onto online gambling 😱

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