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Must Read Stories Of The Week

  1. Can The Way We Dress At Work Help To Predict The Future Of Work? 🤨 - You may remember when wearing a hoodie was frowned upon, a beard was not accepted and you were never allowed to wear sneakers - Read why this might shape the future of work

  2. You Do What? 🙋‍♂️ - Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of celebrity social media teams? And what the social media managers do? - Here is a good interview for you to enjoy

  3. Burnout Problems 🔥- Burnout is likely the biggest problem in the workplace. With everything we have all experienced over the last two years, tackling burnout and being smarter about burnout has been lost, we used to blame work but what if it’s how we associate with our work self and do not challenge it ourselves? - Read this article to help with the next steps to tackle signs of burnout

  4. Too Good To Go 🥪 - This trend was all over social media, especially TikTok feeds at the end of last year, now journalists are covering how you can buy food going out at great prices vs it going to waste and ending up in the bin - Read why lucky dip bags are all the (app) rage

  5. Algorithm Failed In A Tsuanmi 🌬- I find the world fascinating, I try to share as many interesting mother nature related stories as possible. This is an interesting look at how a tsunami happened and we didn’t really know because it was on a remote island, if anywhere else it would have been huge news. - Read how we learn from failures 

  6. NFT Sting 🦂 - As per the first must reads of 2022, I mentioned why web3 and NFT’s are going to be shaken up, I didn’t think so quickly and by the HRMC. Expect many more strategic operations against scams and get rich quick schemes - Read why the HRMC have seized £1.4m NFT in fraud case 

  7. Career Coach Time? 🤔 - HBR is often shared far and wide but can lack some actionable advice and why it is important to consider. This HBR article does a good job to help you work out whether you need a career coach (many opt for a mentor) - Read why a career coach is going to help

  8. Demand For Space Travel 🚀- Here is something I was not expecting, after almost shutting Blue Origin (Jeff Bezos company), they are now building more rockets to meet demand to go to space. Question is, would you go? - Read what is driving the demand

  9. Love: Science Vs Relationship Experts ❤️- From the week that brought Valentine’s day, this Vox story is an interesting look at why despite what we know it is still a struggle to understand and find love - Read why it’s so difficult

  10. Sleep Sessions 💤 - Why the pandemic actually enabled many to get back to sleep patterns we used to practise before the 19th century and worked for so many. Would sleep sessions or flexible times suit you better? - Read why sleep changed and what is means

  11. Brand New 15% 👇

  12. BUT Is Google Actually Dying Out? - Google has been the dominant search engine for the majority of the world since 2000, but there is a feeling and an undertone that Google is dying out, too much SEO, too much AI and the quality of results is all geared for more paid ads clicks. Search (organic and paid) has it’s place for many years in the future, but the question is what is next? - Read why people believe Google is dying

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This week’s video is about the drama triangle, this concept was introduced to me a few years ago and it will help you look at situations and people differently.

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