Something a little bit different

❓Because everyone loves change right ❓

This week I am going to try something a little different (well back to my old original format) this week… let me know what you think of this format

🤩 15 Must Reads 🤩

  1. 🚩Google’s latest research finds to set remote staff up for success you need to know your people, forge connections and set clear boundaries - no 💩 Sherlock

  2. ☕️When all else fails, bring a tie Frap to market:

  3. 🎧Podcasting companies Stitcher and (Netflix of Podcasting) Wondery join forces in UK - i’m not sure this will work with the power of Apple, Google and YouTube in the UK and we can be tight paying for content. It also turns out Podcasters don’t want formalised metrics, so Nielson are going into homes to force the agenda

  4. 🍁Jay-Z has a new role (Chief Brand Strategist) as CSO of weed company - This isn’t the first time Jay-Z have taken a role like this and plenty more smart business people will too

  5. 🎾Serena Williams, Arnie and Kevin Hart are making shows for Snapchat - I’m not taken this will enhance their brands or Snaps 

  6. 💬How Microsoft is channeling Facebook to copy and crush Slack - Slack is in teams cross hairs and a product recyclement strategy has helped many brands take and own the market. Microsoft also opened their flagship London shop this week right near Apple 

  7. 📅How about using Google Calendar, Jira and Trello to manage your kids and home, well its happening a lot

  8. 👾Long read of the week: How YouTube is fighting to stay open and a community - YouTube have struggled with their algorithms recommending right wing and extremist content, community and misuse, will they be able to address to keep the platform safe for users and advertisers?

  9. 📲Is RCS really the future of marketing and messaging? - iMessage and WhatsApp already corner a lot of the market, this is Android and Google’s chance to play, it’s likely too late

  10. 🚖Uber comfort is coming - more options mean more usage? I’ll take the comfort ride when it comes to the 🇬🇧

  11. 🧢Does honest and the un-ads work? Apparently so - What do you think? Let me know by tweeting me @dannydenhard

  12. 🌯Stop eating your lunch at your desk, it is hurting your career - The older I have got the more important a brief break has become a refresh and re-energiser 

  13. 👙Pay by instalments is helping younger audiences buy what they want and more responsibly 

  14. 🧯Ja Rule got off the Fyre Festival charges 

  15. 🥁Amazon’s multi layered strategy (Prime, Alexa voice commands and low costs) for music has worked

As you might have seen from previous Must Reads i’m a brand and acquisition geek and this is fascinating seeing how large acquisitions help large companies diversify or control markets.

⏯Video to Watch ⏯ Why the Barbering world is being disrupted

🤔Final Thought 🤔

I am not a fan of voice search or voice commands (yes friends - they are very different things), my question has always been - Why would you want to have a listening device listening for commands (always on) in your house? Amazon have already messed up by listening and having leaked data and now Google have been caught again 😡Do we trust this won’t happen again? Hell No. Will we continue using it as it is free (apart from small price point) - Yes. Scary thought the value exchange is going to really impact our privacy, whether we know about it or not. I know convenience is king, queen and everything in-between but come on…

Thanks - Danny Denhard (and of course all views are my own)

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