Simon Sinek & Optimism 🤨

🌮 Bet he loves a Taco Bell too

This week’s must reads is jam packed, including:

  • How Facebook are spineless 🤭

  • But are going back to private sharing and scarcity 👩‍💼

  • How Taco Bell leverages buzz marketing to keep winning 🌮

  • Ariana Grande broke YouTube 💬

  • Content is killing it for Goop, SoulCycle & Eve Mattresses 🛌

📼 Must Watch Videos 📼

Professor Scott Galloway rips into Facebook (and rightly so)

Start with Why, How Simon Sinek suggests how we make our lives successful

How buzz help Taco Bell go from food stand to global empire

Twitter Video: Salmon crossing the road

💯 Marketing 💯

Ariana Grande officially broke YouTube, her thank u next official video launch was so popular it broke YouTube comments - Link 

How Goop used content marketing to win over customers - Link

Spotify have pushed out their Christmas campaign on weird and wonderful listening habits - Link

How brandless (don’t get me started on this priming gimmick) is selling you unbranded products - Link

Facebook’s move to personalised sharing (one to select few) continues as they roll out private group sharing on Instagram with close sharing story shares - Link

One of my go to sites techmeme have released journalist leaderboards to help you cut through the noise and read quality stories - Link

Content is King: Soulcycle have built a 20 person team just to develop content for instagram - Link

Ever wondered if NPS actually makes a difference… well it does & Transferwise is proof of it as it comes top of brand advocates - Link

Here is the first digital cover for Vogue, the problem is it’s a blatant ad for Google’s Pixel 3 phone at this weekend’s wedding of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas (shared by the great @theldndiaries)

I don’t always agree with what Tom Goodwin has to say but he absolutely nails it here:

In the most obvious share but interesting nonetheless computer game purchases are seasonal and this chart proves it - Link

Coca Cola drops some truth bombs on how important brand building is - Link

How Cambridge Analytica build up profiling and targeting through fashion brands you liked on Facebook - Link 

The most popular shared posts on Facebook last week were:

😯 Interesting Reads 😯

Why the global suicide rate is thankfully dropping - Link

Here is how to find what Twitter thinks your interests are - Link

Product guy & investor Hunter Walk has an interesting look at how product selection and recommendation could work (and calls out for people to get in contact if you are working on something interesting in this space) - Link

Here is how you can game the app store for 💰 - Link

Facebook have gone back to college to promote their latest app (like FaceTime) Bonfire (and offered students cash incentives to download) - Link

How Guy Raz Built this (podcast) empire - Link

Here’s how complicated it is to navigate cities from my data delight company citymapper - Link

Tool of the week was submitted by my colleague Tom (add him LinkedIn) - 

🤓 Business 🤓

The robots are taking over

  • Here is a very dense but great article looking at the state of deep learning - Link

  • Amazon have opened up their machine learning university to everyone - Link

Social & Apps

  • YouTube are going deep into original content, it’s going to be free and it’s going to be ad supported (shocker I know) - Link

  • Really simple way of understanding the Google Vs Apple phone wars: Data vs Privacy - Link

  • Epic games are rolling out gifts on fortnite and have some strict rules - Link

Start Up’s

  • A good look at who is winning the scooter business - Link

  • Airbnb’s next project: designing homes (project aptly named backyard) - Link

  • How Eve mattress company went from “zingy”, “wake up”, and “better sleep, better you” to important player in the mattress wars space - Link

Here is Facebook’s internal document on their investigation on George Soros - Link 

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