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💭 Thought For The Day 💭 “The future is only the past again, entered through another gate” — Arthur Wing Pinero » Thanks for long term Must Reader Allan for sending me this!

Must Read Stories Of The Week

—For Work—

What Is Your Talent Density? 🧠 The question to ask yourself when hiring or backfilling a role, what is our talent density and how can I grow the smarts around the team to galvanise great work, while improving the status quo of the department - Read More

Instagram TED Talk 🛑  » “A genuine must read for anyone in Marketing” Instagram is attempting to rebrand and get back into the good books of its users and the creators who they make significant money from, the recent TED talk from the Head of Instagram showed their hand for the future of Insta and why they fear web3. - Read More & Watch

Google Vs Amazon Race To One Click Commerce 🛒 Google and Amazon are two of the biggest companies in the world, they are also two of the top three advertisers in the world, with two of the largest ad networks in the world. One word = Domination! The two powerhouses compete in many area’s and Google’s latest play into commerce is one click into the merchants checkout (some calling it a play to be anti-Amazon). Google’s fear used to be competitors were one click away, now Google want to offer one click commerce to get compete against Amazon - Read More 

Gucci Gamers? 👗 Find it odd that high-end designers chase emerging channels for luxury spending? Some do, but, it is where many brands like Gucci are focusing their marketing efforts, not just for the chance to learn about the metaverse but to ensure they are front of mind and relevant in the associated high spending status of e-gaming. - Read More

Ring Recording Issues? 🕵️ Believe it or not Ring doorbell cameras operate in a murky area, where privacy for the homeowner might be breaking the privacy of those being recorded. Ring is a huge business and creating these privacy concerns isn’t something they predicted, when attempting to make people feel safer. With many suffering social economic and mental health issues, is it fair to record them? What will the future of security look like in the increasing privacy first-world people are demanding? - Read More

Even Celebrities Have To Pitch 🎥 Short video from Ellen on having to prove herself and her presenting skills for her wildly popular TV show. - Watch Now (FWIW it is a pretty terrible pitch video)

How To Professionally Say 😏 Ever wondered how to say something in business speak to make a point but can’t find the words…there’s a website powered by Loe Whaley (a great TikToker) shares (example below)

—For Life—

Fear Of FOMO? 😨 If you don’t have FOMO, you are one of a few, this article is a good takedown of battling FOMO and turning it into JOMO (joy of missing out)- Read More

Art Of Switching Off 🥱 Something we all are struggling with and do not proactively manage well enough…actually switching off. Here is a simple guide to help you - Read More

That Guy Who’s Gamed YouTube With 2m Videos ⚒️ Why one person who uploaded 2m videos to game YouTube has highlighted its flaws and gamed Q&A sites to benefit massively - Watch More

The Secret Connective Power Of Wordle 📱 I recently wrote about how wordle is a great connector, but this longer form article really breaks down why a toilet specific game and social sharing drove a simple app to the masses (and landed a sale to the NYT)- Read More

Is Star Status Enough? ⭐️ The Rock brought XFL and now wants to compete against NFL (the American Football League). This isn’t just a dream, Dwayne Johnson is confident he can make it happen, it does bode the question, is star status/power enough in 2022? Or my question to pose: Will it fail because of its competition and inbuilt bias toward elite leagues? - Read More

Growth Hack Of The Year 🌯 Editable adhesive strip to keep contents hot and wrapped! - Read More

Sad truth about the demands on music artists 👇

Well Worth The Watch ⏯

Former PepsiCo leader (& one of my leadership heroes) Indra Nooyi discusses how to be a great leader and how to drive strategic frameworks and value drivers

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