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10 Must Read Stories From A Break Aka Out Of Office Edition

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This week’s Must Reads Newsletter has 10 must-read stories with less commentary and no microblog this week as I am OOO taking a break this week.

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Must Read Articles Of The Week 

  1. How Are You Addressing Mirror Anxiety? 😟 
    Mirror anxiety is how we are being judged on zoom and video calls. Pixel by pixel judgement. So the question is what are you or your company doing to address these anxieties? - Read the full article 
  2. Do You Have Silent Mentors? 🙋‍♀️
    Do you have people who help shape your career that doesn’t know you exist and have an impact? Many do - do you? - Read the full article  
  3. Fake CV/Resume Gets Interviews 👁
    This thread of an engineer faking their resume to get job interviews highlights a number of flaws in the existing system (looking for keywords, looking for big brand name etc) - Read the full thread 
  4. Expert: The Office Is (Basically) Dead 💀
    As you know I fully support the hybrid office movement, an MIT professor is strongly suggesting the office isn’t coming back & it’s time to embrace change - Read the full article
  5. Going From Lockdown To Nationwide Must Have 🧁  
    How one baker cooking from their mother’s kitchen became celebrity chefs and a-list celebrity must have’s and turned into a nationwide brand & opened a shop in the hotspot of London - Read the full article 
  6. How To Stop Controversy Before It Blows Up 🤖  
    The big issue many tech platforms struggle with is controlling whether something is a good controversy (helping to drive adoption, usage or viewership) or negative controversy. What is rarely talked about is how the platform can suppress the surfacing of content and appearance of content on their platforms, Netflix, Amazon etc can do this in many ways but often it’s killing it from the feed and removing the title from search - Read the full article 
  7. Impact Of Virality 💃
    People, sounds, dance, video reviews and songs go viral via social apps but what actually happens once they hit a critical number of eyeballs - Read the full article  
  8. Golf’s Expansion ⛳️  
    Why Drake, Nike Streetwear and the pandemic helped golf evolve and why we are going to see a new wave of looks hitting the greens - Read the article 
  9. Real Estate Flex 💪 
    What do the mega-rich do to flex on and over their peers, they buy single properties for record amounts of money, this time a Malibu property sold to the inventor of the browser & VC legend for $177m! - Read the full article
  10. Powerful Watch:
    “The North Face presents: ASCEND, Reframing Disability in the Outdoors”

Must Readers Submissions: IKEA have a dedicated museum of all of their catalogues available online. It’s pretty cool (thanks Heather) view all the catalogues

You know it’s Christmas season🎄 when the John Lewis ads drops, this years is most definitely stranger things inspired and dare I challenge it’s quality. Thanks Paula for submitting!

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