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Why one free calendar slot might be all you need to improve work and your network 📅

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Panel 1: Bob asks for a raise. Manager declines stating they don't have the budget. Panel 2: Bob resigns because he got an external offer with a greak hike. Panel 3: Manager says that they can match that with a counter offer Panel 4: Bob asks how they found the budget now? Manager screams it's a miracle.

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Must Read Stories Of The Week

  1. One Shot One Slot ☕️ Why a decade long tradition of having a free 30-minute slot has helped to build networks, build business relationships and keep you sane - Read how this works

  2. The Role Of Luck? 🍀 I love this short post looking at the role of luck in our success, we talk about it or we compare it vs timing, for me luck is right up there for the most important factor for why things work - Read the short luck post

  3. What’s Old Is Cool Again 😎 Remember Tumblr? It’s the blogging platform that was cool, Taylor Swift used it to connect with fans and then had a spicy entertainment problem, well now… because it’s so off the radar, it’s cool again - Read how Tumblr became cool again 

  4. Why Is LinkedIn So Cringe 🤪 This nails so much of what people have said to me passing, in meetings and asked me in personal brand sessions and why LinkedIn in for some is the new Facebook and others its TikTok - Read why LinkedIn became so performative

  5. The Good Anxiety Vs The Bad 🧠 Anxiety and stress are hugely bad for us and many of us struggle to handle and adapt to anxious situations, this article helps frame bad anxiety and how to turn it into a positive - Read how bad anxiety can become positive

  6. Be Less Available! 📆 Always being on and being available is bad for us, saying no seems to be impossible and protecting our own time appears to be getting harder for many, this article will help you say no and to put yourself first. - Read how sorry not sorry is good for you 

  7. The Key Themes In 2022 🅱️ It fascinates me how trends become something and disappear quickly, whats even more interesting to me…how themes start and then stay for the year - Read the key themes for this beauty in 2022

  8. The Complete Teardown Of Telegram 👏 Known for being innovative, Telegram has become a powerhouse messaging app for some great reasons but also enabling a lot of misinformation and the go-to choice of organising questionable activities, well worth the read - Read the deep-dive into the anti-meta, telegram

  9. Airbnb Dogfood 👁 Airbnb is one of the most popular brands I cover on Must Reads, this time around their CEO is going to be living city by city in Airbnb’s and living the life he predicts many will be in the future, WFA (working from anywhere) - Read the full thread (FWIW the replies are fascinating insights into Airbnb’s issues)

  10. Excel Hack ✅Following the popularity of the Google Sheets hack last week, here is a quick hack in excel from TikTok - Spreadsheet Nation on TikTok

  11. 9 Lessons From Product Management 👩‍🏫 Here is a good read for anyone working with a product team or a business leader and want to understand how product teams work differently - Read the 9 lessons

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