Not Just Any Must Reads of the Week

🍔 No-one wants beef with Burger King on social media 👎

The 5 articles you most likely missed this week but worth knowing about:

⏯ Vine is coming back as byte next year - Link

🤜 Go Save Yourself! Taking breaks or limiting social media usage will save your sanity - Link

🍔 Beef! Burger King takes it to McDonalds and Kayne West on twitter, beef escalates - Link

👏 Prime Expectations: Apple and Amazon are almost BFF’s, Amazon is now going to be selling the majority of Apple products - Link

🤖 Phew…. Google CEO suggests technology won’t be able to fix humans - Link

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💯 Why direct-to-consumer marketing and hype train isn’t as big and disruptive as we like to believe - Link

🏁 Porsche have gone all in with wedding content in it’s latest marketing campaign - Link

📼 Giphy has released videos aka gifs with audio this week, expect them to take over a newsfeed or inbox near you - LinkIt’s never been a better time to be a rich format storyteller

👏 Something I have always wanted to launch is branded vending machines, Dollar Shaving Club has released in high footfall areas - Link

😗 Tinder grows up, markets itself finally as the hook up app - Link

🧝‍♂️ Poundland has brought back the naughty elf, the ASA won’t be laughing - Link

🎧 Are podcast actually the ads people want to hear? Actually maybe - Link Top of funnel has never been more competitive

🤔 Adidas is continuing its deal with Real Madrid, with it being worth €110m per season - Link

😲 In the surprise of the week, crocs (yes those shoe things) have go into the teen market and it’s worked - Link

👩‍💻 Apple’s anti-tracking (within Safari) is really hitting our abilities to understand successful campaigns - Link

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🦁 Sir David Attenborough is joining forces with Netflix for a new nature show - Link

🎅🏼 Waitrose (& Partners) have opted for 6 x 30 second ads rather than a big one campaign - Link 

💲 In the most recent Gartner CMO report only one of every six marketing dollars is spent on innovation-related initiatives - Link 

About Us Humans

😏 Knew it! Just a ten minute walk can positively change your thoughts and alter moods - Link

🤭 Here is a funny thread from Reddit on what old insults are coming back - Link

🏢 In previous newsletters I have shared a number of open office musings, this is a one popular article from this week that doesn’t blame the office… - Link

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Londoners share their favourite tube quirks - Link

🎧 Podcasts to listen to 🎧

👩‍🏫 Success Academy, a deep dive by Gimlet into Success, a charter school in US - Link 

🥁 Jessie Ware’s podcast “table manners” had a special guest this week Cheryl, it’s actually quite candid - Link (It’s also the first time I have seen a podcast have a promo video that’s not a branded podcast)

👉 Sam Altman the Ycombinator leader on how to pick your project, add value and find a purpose



🕵️‍♂️Google and Sephora teamed up again for a connected mirror - Source

💰 Medium is looking for more investment, speaking at Web Summit, Ev Williams wants to make Medium into a thoughtful magazine - Link

😳 Facebook portal got its week of reviews this week and surprisingly people were positive - Link

🤨 Pinterest have been inspired by Instagram’s feed for a more personalised feed - Link

📺 Axios (a summary based news outlet who I share regularly) is getting hate for their HBO TV show - Link

💬 Topic Based Web: Slack is aiming to hit 500m DAU's (Up from 8), the world doesn’t need more slack instances just better ones IMHO - Link

🎧 Anchor study shows apple podcast dominance - Link

Well Worth A Watch

This is Craig Silverman, the media editor from BuzzFeed News talking about how he and they investigate the internet (and a load of tools they use) - the tools referenced are on Google docs here

And lastly…

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