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How 🇯🇵 traditions are being reshaped

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Must Read Articles Of The Week

  1. TikTok Decoded 💃 The Complete TikTok Strategy Breakdown & Evolution - Read about 'Entertain Everywhere' » ⬆️ An absolute must read for anyone in Strategy, Ops, Marketing & Product Dev

  2. It’s Never Too Late 👏 Why age is just a number when you have a great product (especially if you are in your 40’s, 50’s and 60’s) - Read why age is just a number with a great idea

  3. Female Sumo 💯 Traditions can take decades to be reshaped, in Japan, Sumo (yes Sumo Wresting) is being reimagined and now women are entering the doyho and reshaping traditions. I love this - Read the full Sumo breakdown

  4. Outstanding Short Stories 📖 Here are ten great hand-selected short stories to give you some other inspiration and get away from this news cycle - Read the ten 

  5. Next’s Growth 📈 Why Next leveraging the Marketplace business model and selling other brands has helped their 2021 growth and set them up for 2022 success - Read how next embraced change FWIW M&S have also benefited from this over the last 12 months 

  6. Work/Work Balance?? 🤨Coinbase has come under fire for its approach to work and what it takes to get the work done. Coinbase growth story is a venture capital success case study, its culture however not so much. It’s now offering ‘four recharge weeks’ to ensure employees get a balance… - Read more about the rebalance

  7. Focus On Outcomes Not Being Proven Right 😉 From one of my favourite blogs and podcasts “FS”“One big mistake people repeatedly make is focusing on proving themselves right, instead of focusing on achieving the best outcome. This is the wrong side of right.” - Read why focusing on the best outcome wins

  8. 32 Things You Might Not Know Google Sheets Did 🪄 If you work for a startup or a maturing business chances are you have to use Google Sheets, it’s still catching up with excel but there are some cool features most people don’t know about - Read the 32 great things you can do in Google Sheets most don’t know

  9. Gymshark’s Community Play 🏋️‍♀️ Gymshark has been one of those brands that have never been shy, this is a revealing interview about the state of the brand and why so many related to the brand and its “mission”. Expect to see a lot more of Gymshark in coming months - Read the next swinlane for gymshark

  10. Google Do No Evil 😈 Is it the BIG company being a big company or something more sinister? Google was found guilty of copying Sonos and byways of getting out of paying the fee they make their products worse to remove the feature. Savvy or Shady? - Read how Google used a potential loophole

  11. Clone Wars? 😥 Wordle is everywhere, I have never played it but I see it everywhere, here is a good story about how copies and clones spring up and take advantage of the app ecosystem - Read copies & clone wordle wars (Apple responded and removed clones late on Wednesday)

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