Must Reads 254

Drone Ads

Good Morning Must Readers, Must Reads 254 includes themes 

  • Leadership - How to gain by others hard lessons

  • App Keys - The concepts pitched for the future

  • Satellites - How China and Elon Musk are competing for the satellites and maybe information

  • Ads - Why personalised and hyper targeted ads need to be reviewed and the negative implications

  • Marketing - Those who think about Marketing moments, create competition and narratives win...don't miss out on the themes of modern day Marketing success

>> 50 Of The Best Pieces Of Advice I Have Received 👂- This is the 50 best pieces of advice I have received in my career, from starting out in bar management to running workshops with exec leadership teams and startups 

>> Brains, Hormones & Time 🎧  - Friend of Must Reads Bruce has a great podcast on the core fundamentals to build (or rebuild) culture. The core factors to win: Being subtle, engineer the environment not the pace, give people the opportunity to tell their stories 

>> How Fear Overly Influences Decisions 💭 - How fear, emotion, and anxiety of the future controls most of our decisions and why falling short drives us forward with smaller steps than leaps

 Must Reads Trivia: As of the 28th of Feb, what was the average Tech Layoff Rate? (A) 2626 people per day (B) 2727 people per day (C) 2828 people per day or (D) 5000 people per day. Remember to scroll to the bottom for the answer 

>> Race For Space Satellites 📡  - Here is the next race, for having the most satellites in space, right now Elon Musk owns this but China has more ambitious plans to win this race. Space is often seen as the next advertising opportunity, maybe this is the next battle ground, I'm hoping there won't be battles over the space and where these satellites might be above. 

>> Google's Big Issue, Yes, It's Revenue Driver...Targeted Ads 🔍  - Google's ad business is one of the most impressive businesses ever, the big issue now, why it allows advertisers to place ads against some of the most private and potentially traumatic areas of peoples lives. Pregnancy and abortion are super risky areas and Google should know where to draw the line for advertisers and protect its users. In the very near future we are going to see brands opt in and opt out of these tactics if the marketplaces do not vet or discourage advertisers. This is a small why Apple are taking steps to prevent tracking and offer alternative advertising solutions against large tech competitors.

>> Drone Ads 🌌 - Drones are now becoming a mainstay in our lives, not just for New Years shows, they are now becoming marketing events. I have shared on numerous different must reads how China adopted Drones as a marketing channel, it's starting to happen in the 🇺🇸, it's likely worth considering as they can be cost effective. 

>> Are The Pauls The Greatest Marketers? 🙋‍♂️ - I know it hards to hear but Logan and Jake Paul are the kings of making every moment a marketing moment, especially with their cross over careers in boxing, WWE and investing. With Jake Paul creating competition with his new deal to promote celsius energy drink (against brother Logan's brand Prime) - every moment is becoming a narrative. Say what you want about them as people but they are being super smart and outfoxing many larger brands! 

🔊 New term to look out for (aka new buzzword alert) "Generation Zaplha" aka Zaplha - it's teenagers and their early 20's (from 1996-2012) who have the spending power and savviness of being mobile-first and understand how sites, apps and the internet works.

>> Lux Wins ☕️ - Long time Must Readers will know of how much I preach about how luxury wins wallet share and opens wallets especially when it's positioned well and super scarce. Having worked in the Art, fashion and car lux factor it's fascinating to see how people continue to spend. Luxury markets often aren't impacted by recessions and down markets. Nestle's blue bottle's smart approach to ultra rare coffee plays well to top of the market and helps to build the brand with aficionados (> here is another example, a limited edition of the new upcoming Aston Martin that will sell out)

>> How Chinese Firms Are Winning In Russia 🇨🇳 🇷🇺  - In the year since Russia invaded the Ukraine, Western and no allied firms pulled their businesses from Russia, firms like Adidas, McDonalds and car manufacturers all took a hit, Russians then turned to the Chinese equivalents in search for high end alternatives. Samsung loss is Xiami's gain. This is going to have a long term impact with strategic partnerships and relationships formed. War economics is a really interesting area, some countries invest heavily in others to ensure they are there rebuilding cities and infrastructure, in many cases this is far more strategic than just helping people in crisis.  > Related read - What luxury shopping now looks in 🇷🇺 

>> How The Future Looks 👇  - The future of cars is more digital and more entertainment included (TikTok is joining Google on the dashboard and entertainment system in Mercedes) 

Why history, genes, situation and location matter 👇 

Must Reads Trivia Answer: Unfortunately, it is (A) 2626 people per day on average has been laid off source: 

>> How To Nap Well 💤  - A few weeks ago I shared how important sleep is and how hard it is to catch up on sleep, napping is apparently not a good remedy, however, many people love a nap and says it helps them, are ways to nap well. 

>> Discipline Is King & Queen 👑 - Those habits and new years resolutions that you break often is said not to be your fault, it's often seen as out of your hands, the secret is discipline and humans are awful at it, the 5 steps seem obvious but will help you get the most out of positive change (my hack especially with food, replace unhealthy with healthier and remove temptation & try spice to add more flavour)

Thanks, Danny Denhard 

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