Must Reads 250

Social Enragement = Social Engagement

Good Morning Must Readers. Happy Friday!

For Must Reads 250 we are going to cover the following themes:

  • Leadership: How to lead through hard times

  • Next Gen Apps: New app, new AI hype, more bad news served to us

  • AI: Google AI - turn words and commands into making music

  • Money: How new lottery companies are creating "new hope"

  • Surgeons: Is there a doctor on board? Turns out there are loads...

One of my favourite thread of images in a long time 👇

>> How To Lead Through The Hardest Of Times 💪 - How the CEO led through the pandemic and why his leadership non-negotiable might surprise you.

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>> How Audible Redesigned Their Offices 🏣 - There isn't many companies that really rethought the office and redesigned it for better work and more focused work (alongside in person collaboration). Audible reengineered their offices into hubs and really thought about why the office exists and what the use cases of the hubs should be for hybrid work. Making work actually work has to start with environment, then process, then the tools. Note: LinkedIn did similar to make hybrid work, work & is smart.

>> The New App Hype 📰 - Instagram founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger are back with a new app Artifact(.news) leveraging AI (& ML) to improve news consumption and create better discussion. has attempted this (founded by the Waze founder) but lacks that something extra that isn't just another feed of the same stories. One thing going for the Insta founders is their extensive knowledge of social sharing and intersections from creating Instagram and what they learnt in their time operating at Facebook. Instagram was engineered to be shared and spread, it was designed into every update, alongside their deliberately uncluttered UI was for more usage and constant growth. I predict it will take a while to influence news consumption providing it understands EIE (my framework of EIE is entertainment, inspire education) and "gets you" before you teach it more about you by hours of consumption (& like others have said this is the TikTok approach).

>> High Performance Team Members 📈- A quick look at how managers can ask better questions to ensure high performers are looked after and can take more work on. One thing to think of, some high performers know they are, but others don't until it's too late. Managers don't question this, but if you are a high performer, moving forward; question which type are you and will doing more or will better environment and better colleagues motivate you more and achieve more?

Weekly Game - How many minutes on average does the typical TikTok user spend on TikTok daily? It is (a) 60 minutes (b) 70 minutes (c) 85 minutes (d) 95 minutes? (Remember to scroll to the bottom for the answer)

Brand ❤️-- When a brand is loved so much it's turned into a car - New Balance car in Japan 👇

>> The Lotto Hope 🤞- How the new era of lotteries is coming in and how they are branding themselves differently. Expect this to happen over in Europe too (in the U.K. we have had an influx of lotteries) as the macroeconomic situation leads to more betting and more gambling…

>> Barista Scheme To Help Deaf People Come To London ☕️ - Love this idea: Social enterprise called I Love Coffee is training 100 deaf people to become baristas, they are going to use iPad's to show customers how to order through sign language.

>> Why Small Prices Are Often Better Than "Free" 💸 - We all love free right? Not always, something in us is rightly wary of free and many of us would even pay a little to ensure it wasn't free. This behaviour is often the human nuance many miss when looking at behavioural economics

Google's Latest Play - Free Generative Music 👇

>> BTW this is why hands are so bad on generative AI apps (TLDR bad training data)

❝Quote of the week❞- “One sign that determination matters more than talent: there are lots of talented people who never achieve anything, but not that many determined people who don't.” — Paul Graham

>> The Violin Doctor 👨‍⚕️  - The person trusted to fix some of the most expensive and highly sort after musical instruments- it's fascinating to see how reputation is built and the anxiety that can cause for some of the worlds top performers.

>> Is There A Doctor On Board? ✈️- An incredible story of someone having a heart attack on the plane and it being full of cardiovascular doctors on a way to a conference.

➕The answer to the weekly game is (d) 95 minutes, thats 21 minutes more per day than YouTube. TikTok going after slots of boredom was super smart. Let's see how the conversations continue on banning the app in the US and UK.

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