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Speaking On Addiction 💊

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Must Read Stories Of The Week

Work Must Reads

Art As The Leveller 🖼 The thing that you are likely missing is a reset by visiting a gallery or museum. 

Important Link For Leaders ➡️: What You Have To Learn From This Passionate Speech 

Cloud Companies 2.0? ☁️  There is a huge thing made about location, offices and their importance. A16Z one of the most important investment firms in the world is moving to the cloud and opening up satellite offices to make it more convenient for staff and their investment companies. I recommended this in 2020 and again in 2021 with my consultancy focus, if you are in a place to consider how small offices and floors will help become hubs of work and collaboration

AI Special 🤖 (thanks to Must Reader Paula for these) Rémy Martin and Usher teamed up for turning words and taste into art, with the push into AI we will see collaboration push the boundaries of senses to build out different use cases. Whether these experience-style partner ads will be in bars and supermarkets to connect the dots we will have to see the appetite. 

Brand AI 💪 And following on Heinz dropped (watch here) their AI mick take of DALL-E (AI machine that creates images from keywords, the ad demonstrating their brand strength, especially when these images are created based on the incredible data set it was trained with and returns branded art like this below.) Expect more brands to flex in this way.

Book Experiences 📚- Book stores and shops are exploding with popularity and as previously mentioned on Must Reads it is because book stores offer experiences and escapism. Maybe Amazon was too premature to exit the stores? 

Steven Spielberg Music Video 📲  - Yes, you right that right. Steven Speilberg directed the Mumford and Sons latest video, exclusively on an iPhone only. Q: We will see more artists take on a low-budget approach? (minus Spielberg fee) Yes! Music videos are less important on TV but more so on streaming platforms and quality is less important. 

Job Title Devaluation? 🤨 - If you have ever worked at a large company you know how titles either are obsessed over or there's an internal title and an external title. Apparently, Microsoft has over 2600 CTOs…

Pondering 🤔 Are we now seeing the disconnect between the large brands and the consumers with their marketing and advertising messages? I think so. Google has really missed the mark with their Gen Z marketing message with “smarter internetters” and centring on themselves and their features. We have seen Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all miss the mark, why? Because they don't understand the intent of the user and why users are switching to social apps to discover information (while being entertained).

Life Must Reads

The oldest must readers will remember when I used to share my favourite mixes or song of the week. This a mix that's helped me this week. 

Tiktok 3️⃣ - TT trios were popular so here are three from this week, why high stress leadership means ultimate trust, the Friday work mood 😆, how to get rid of the to-do list guilt

26m Diamond Heist 💎 - Love this use of the BBC site and blending facts, CCTV footage (including gifs, images and videos) and with the iPlayer to tell the story of Tamara Ecclestone's stolen diamonds

Addiction 💊 Although it is becoming more common, I am appreciating how open many ex-athletes are becoming for their addictions and flaws. It will be so powerful for fans! 

Embracing Virality 🚀- How a lookalike made it from viral TikTok's and why we love deepfakes despite knowing it is...fake 

Beaver Heroes 🦫 -  Natures amazing air cons animals, helping to spread cold water and help to keep the air cool, their dams are more important than you know. Nature and animals amaze me daily! 

Well Worth A Watch 

If you watch this shorts video don't forget Snapchat and the personal element of short-form video.

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