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Must Read Stories Of The Week

Work Must Reads

Negative Positive Framework 👏 - How to prepare for a downturn with a negative and positive exercise (perfect for those negative nellies)

Offices More Like Living Rooms 🤔 - How companies are over thinking about what their teams want, with a move to redesigning their office as living rooms and like LinkedIn removing big banks of desks and having more breakout spaces.

Data-Driven Or Data Free 💪 How TV showrunners feel about the lack of data streaming partners share with them and why it is often more freeing and enables better content to be created. Surprisingly many Product and Marketing people reading this would give them anxiety, remember make art not content.

How Netflix Selects Their Franchises 🍿- Netflix is always searching for the next Stranger Things or looking for the next Star Wars but they’re far more likely to kill a franchise before others. Netflix ruthless nature might just be a secret ingredient to their success but wouldn’t be for others. Nice lesson in their for your business

Traffic Status 🚦- In my free Hybrid work guide, I reference the importance of status and how to use statuses to encourage a better working environment. This TikTok nails it (apart from the sign on the back of the seat)

Pondering 🤔 In China 🇨🇳 Alipay (huge payment provider & app) and Disney collaborated on a livestream via their app & over 500,000 people watched. It was a 2-hour stream cooking dishes from popular Disney movies. Could this be another area the West is inspired by to leverage their fan base and build partnerships? Potentially yes.

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Life Must Reads

OnlyFans Reality Streaming 👯‍♀️ - In a surprising move for some, but a smart tactical move for OnlyFans, OF have snapped up The Sims (TOWIE's version of the Kardashians) on a £1m deal. Personally, this is exactly what I would have advised these platforms to do, as many reality TV stars struggle to monetise their audience and stay authentic. Smart move on both platform and creator front, time will tell to see if this can help OF's rebrand aspirations.

Connecting With Strangers From Birth 👶- Great dive into the life of kids who had to grow up on YouTube and now in their teens. If you have never spoken to a vlogger/YouTuber or creator this is a great insight

Online Pokémon Fossil Museum 🦖 - Got to love it when companies take the offline online for something that wouldn’t exist

Geography Game Sweeps Internet 🗺 - 2022 has been an odd year but something that weirdly makes sense to me is a game where players guess the exact location from a google street view image is.

The Backstory Of The Michelin Star Restaurants 🥘- How the guide became an incredible powerful Marketing tool and built harsh

Well Worth A Watch

Sir Alex Ferguson - Set Expectations Speech ⚽️ (if you like leadership this is a must watch)

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