Must Reads 220

Birthday Edition 🎂

Good Morning Must Readers!  

Welcome to Must Reads Number 220. Today's Must Read is around a 4 minute read today.

This week I am (still) reading - Working Backwards by Colin Byrar & Bill Carr (it's the Amazon backstory). This week I am (finishing) listening to Ask Your Developer by Jeff Lawson (it is the Twilio backstory). If you have a recommendation for me, hit reply and I’ll definitely check them out!

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Must Read Stories Of The Week

Work Must Reads

Why Resilience Is A Collective Action 💪- Bruce Daisley drops knowledge bombs on how your company is (or likely isn’t) dealing with burnout 

Can Shopify Inspire Your Company ➕- Shopify has introduced Bursts, where an internal system helps improve remote work and brings teams together for culture, connection and collaboration. BTW Be inspired to change your office with a look inside LinkedIn's that encourages collaboration and deep work. Be Careful Of Job Descriptions 😬- Play to earn gaming company axie (once a web3 standout) came unstuck from an employee downloading a job description PDF and applying for a fake job. It cost axie losses of $540 million in crypto!

How Tribalism Works In Marketing 🔴 - How the likes of Cadbury's, Walkers and Marmite leverage you having to pick a side. Don’t be afraid to lean into what your customer like or hate about you.

What Charities Need To Do To Connect With Us 👥- Here are the main steps (11 in total) charities have to do to connect with the public, including removing asks and demanding high recurring donation amounts.

Op Ed: I wrote an op-ed on Love Island’s platform and why it’s geared towards ITV’s and contestant success not brand success (BTW if you’re a large brand sponsorship is often going to be a no brainer)

HRTok coming with the jokes this week 👇

🐙 Must Read Jobs 🐙 One of my advisory clients The Octopus Club is hiring a part-time social media manager, get in touch with me if you would to apply or have any questions. Also friend of Must Reads Matt is hiring a Marketing Exec for Portsmouth Football Club.

Life Must Reads

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98 Year Old Leadership Advice 🧐 - Could you take advise on modern day leadership from a 98 year old? Of course, but does their experience/bias matter, maybe. Henry Kissinger advice

Imposture Syndrome Hits Us All ⚽️ - England’s Women’s Captain Leah Williamson is an Arsenal player and got the captain's armband at 25 with limited tournament experience. Here’s how even someone recognised as one of the best in the world gets imposture syndrome & how it might help you too.

Anti Troll 🇯🇵- Japan is leading the way in combating insults and trolling with huge fines ($2k+) and even prison time. Let’s see how this works and whether this will work in the Western

Recommendation Failure? 😣 - We are used to the internet being able to recommend so many things, but why doesn't it always work? Find out why humans being complicated is impacting all of these giants 

Eco Amazon? 🌍 - Amazon is adding e-cargo bikes and vehicles to London. Are we seeing a different Amazon? Maybe...e-cargo deliveries 60% faster than vans and cut emissions by 90%.

Well Worth A Watch

Be inspired by what you believe in this (just like Eat Just) week well worth a watch

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