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Welcome to Must Reads Number 219. Today's Must Read is around a 5 minute read.

This week I am reading - Working Backwards by Colin Byrar & Bill Carr (it's the Amazon backstory). This week I am listening to Ask Your Developer by Jeff Lawson (it is the Twilio backstory).

🎧 I was on the brand new 10Q podcast series this week, listen to one of my favourite podcast appearances.

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Must Read Stories Of The Week

Work Must Reads

Truth Telling - Leaders Don't Know Your Every Move & Likely Shouldn't ⚠️ - An important lesson in work is your boss likely trusts you and doesn't want to know every move and likely shouldn't. Embrace the trust, don't muck it up

Community Stores Making A Comeback? ☕️ - Yes likely, in this current economy and in specific locations particularly smaller communities the community owned and operated store is going to come back and serve their community the right way (as long as the money keeps flowing back in)

Sponsors > Sports? 🎾 - It's my favourite part of the sporting calendar, Wimbledon. The frenzy around over British tennis star Emma Raducanu has been incredible since her grand slam win last year in NYC (despite her poor run this week), however, the demands on tennis stars is huge especially young and marketable. How commercial interests are balanced & managed in tennis

Boss Burnout 🔥 - My strategy & culture consultancy Focus has been working with a number of businesses helping to reshape organisations that need to future-proof and improve their businesses by putting people (culture) and performance (strategy) together than putting performance first. One thing that has shown up time and time again, managers are burned out! This Axios report highlights a big issue, what if your boss is burnt out and the ripple effects are huge.

How The YouTube Algorithm Works ⚙️ - Mr Beast aka Jimmy has featured in must reads a number of times, this time he explains why shorts are here to stay (btw use Shorts to drive your catalogue aka channel views) wand how the YT also works (hint: don't just expect retention to work after switching your style) - How to leverage YT algo

Innovation? 💄 Lush has installed an anmac beauty vending machine in Kings Cross shopping destination Coals Drop Yard. Maybe a lighter way of shopping without having to have a storefront.

Lush Anmac vending machine

How To Connect To Gen Z ⚡️ - When Nike said they are going to try and connect to Generation Alpha a lot of people thought they jumped the shark when almost all brands are struggling to connect to Gen Z, here are my recommendations on how to connect with 10-25 year olds.

Must Reads Jobs

Friend of Must Reads Andrew (the CMO of Blexr) is looking for a Head Of Marketing Acquisition, happily say Danny from Must Reads sent you ;-) Want your own open role featured here? Connect here

Life Must Reads

The Point Five Selfies Is Coming To A Grid Near You ⬇️ - The most 2022 thing to do!

How Animals Live More Deeply Than Humans 🐬 - Human’s think we live in HD but animals live in UHD relying on vibrations and living with 3D vision.

Death To Personal Brand? 🕵️‍♂️ - I write this weekly newsletter to help share ideas and provide you context to what is happening and what's about to happen, gen z are smart and savvy users of the net and have proactively decided to be anonymous- here's why and what you might overlook (Oh btw...personal brand is worth crafting)

RIP Bored Apes 🤨 - Looks like the crypto winter has hit status provider Bored Apes & seen their apes quietly disappear from social media profiles & we will see the quick disappearance of .eth usernames too. It is essential to know when you're part of the hype cycle or the marketing machine.

How The Top Gun Pilots Prepare 🛫 - Watch the TikTok explaining it 

Well Worth The Watch

The reason why I am relentless on people gaining their attention, in my leadership coaching and with my consultancy deliberately called Focus!

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