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This week’s newsletter is packed full of brain food from reality TV ➡️ the future of SMS is being spammed already ➡️ why the future of food is still community-based.

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Must Read Stories Of The Week

—Work Must Reads—

Ask Yourself: If I Were To Take Over The Company Tomorrow What Would I Do? 🤔 - Read More

How Amazon Tracks Its Employees ⏰ Amazon’s practises have come under scrutiny for many years but Vice’s article might just have created a huge 💩storm in their time tracking techniques and highlighting why so many injuries occur - Read More

Love Island Double Edge Sword ⚔️ ITV’s gem love island started again this week. I was asked to comment on the importance of the show, the sponsors and why brands have to be careful when associating with a show as high profile and culture-defining (or polarising) as Love Island. - Read More

RCS - Already Spammed 💬 RCS is Rich Communication Services, its telecoms (Google + others basically) way of improving functionality within SMS (with 500m users already using it). Its push in India backfired as it’s become a centre point for spam and nuance texts. Google has even had to stop the service as it got so bad. Where’s there is new tech, there will be abuse…unfortunately.- Read More

The Influence Of Social Media & Public Opinion 😥 A primer on the impact of the court of public opinion and why the Deppford Wives have impacted the future of court cases - Watch 

Harry’s Style 🎵 182,000 Vinyl’s sold…which helped push 'Harry's House' past $7.26 million (£5.53m) for his first week's of release revenue. Harry Styles smashed it (oh and his album is actually a good pop album — yeah I said it )- Read More (🔓)

The Impact Of Movies On Real Life…🍿 

—Life Must Reads—

Djokovic Vs Nadal 🎾 This is possibly one of the best blog/articles I have read in a long time. Full of passion, full of beautiful flowing sentences and importantly a celebration of two of the greatest ever tennis players. An article like this is why I always wanted to be a sports journalist - Read More

LinkedIn’s Lost Opportunity ⁉️ Being an actual network builder...Slacks win (discord in gaming & crypto etc) free groups created within networked niches. Some actually thriving and helping others find jobs and self-improvement - Read More

A wall-mounted touch screen with a card payment pad underneath. Red text on the wall reads "every flavor welcome."

The Future Of Food Experience 🥗 A good look at how foodhalls are being reimagined in NYC - Read More

Smart Gucci Health? 💍 What Gucci’s movement into health rings tells you about brands. The absolute need to be connected to more moments and those moments are health-related - Read More 

Interesting Stat I Found This Week 👇

2022 Must Read Themes: 

  • Web3: At the start of the year, I called out a few essential themes, web3 was one of these and here is a good video to watch on why we are actually at web2.5, not web3.

  • Buy Now Pay Later: I am hard on BNPL and rightly so, it’s credit and most taking it do not know the fees associated, here’s two good reads, why Apple are doing BNPL itself (very smart) & why debt is racking up for gen z (they don’t understand the service)

Well Worth The Watch ⏯

What actually happens after TikTok songs go viral 2020 was the year TikTok blew up (1500 songs alone went viral)…“it’s not ending at 1m views, it’s starting at 1m views” and ended up with +9b views

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