Why Facebook Is Comparing Themselves To A Ship 🤔

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Must Read Stories Of The Week

  1. Quick Lesson From Olympic Sports Psychology🥇- The Winter Olympics have flown under the radar but one picture has stood out above the rest, Japanese curler and her messages on her hand - Find out why this is an important lesson

  2. Painful 4 Day Work Week 😓- Many people believe 4 day work weeks are the answer, if you removed many of the meetings I am sure a good % of people could work 4 days, not 5, however recent examples are missing the details - Read why 4 day work weeks need attention to detail » Related: Read how Front have smartly approached their 4 day work week 

  3. Google Docs User? Here’s How To Make It Work Better - Read my quickfire guideDo you use Google docs and need a few hacks to make it work much better? Here’s a preview of what you can now do 👇

  1. Remote Workers Paid To Move🚦- Is this a trend we will see? Remote (fully remote) workers paid to relocate to smaller/lesser known town and cities for their jobs? Interesting idea that we might see happen in larger countries.. - Read what is happening

  2. Coca Cola In Space? 🥤- Coca Cola have released a new flavour called starlight and is the first new approach to coke in years. After removing zombie brands (= underperforming brands) in recent years, will a new sweeter product help to bring Coca Cola’s Coke back to it’s prime? - Read their move into AR and space

  3. The Maddest Story Of The Week 😤 - The completely made up agency with tens of employees across numerous countries, paying many of them nothing - Read the madness   

  4. Disney Town 🌆 - Disney is building whole towns, from the same team behind their theme parks (& their imagineers). Will Disney win where the likes of Google failed? If there is a business that could make it work, it is likely the generation-spanning Disney - Read more about Disney’s ambitious plans 

  5. Sneaker Resell Winning Story 👟 - StockX is a huge business and has become a success story for potential secondary markets (buying and reselling items like sneakers) and marketplaces (enabling others to buy and sell) to build out in a niche category. This well documented journey might just inspire your idea (if you know smart and rich people of course) - StockX success story explained

  6. Ye / Kanye Revolutionary Or Copy Cat? 🤔 - Do geniuses steal or borrow? Yes, Ye (the artist formally known as Kanye West) is gating his music behind a $200 product, why? To own the data and “get closer to the fans”. FYI Will-I-Am, Ryan Leslie and others have attempted before (with products like headphones, music via SMS etc). Ye has the pull but does he have the team to fight off Apple, Spotify and Amazon Prime Music? Unlikely. BTW brands like Netflix, Gap and Adidas aren’t always loving collaborating with him, so might be needs must, alongside being smart. BTW the Ye documentary on Netflix is actually a really documentary and not a complete celebration of the genius of (Kan)Ye…

  7. Only…How Much? 💵 - Many people are curious how much onlyfans creators make. The secret many won’t say is the top 1-3% make good money, the rest like podcasters and newsletter writers make hardly anything. BI took a look. - How much OF models make 

  8. The Bad Economics Of Food Delivery 🛵 - Might come in handy next time you think these companies make a lot of money

The Title Explained: Meta (aka Facebook) came out with their internal principles and now want colleagues to refer to each other as metamates, this joins a list of the good, bad and ugly. Here are some of my favourites

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