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I hope you have a decent coffee or tea in front of you this week, this week’s must reads includes deep dives into Nike, Seth Godin educating us on what marketing is, Microsoft rightly challenging persona’s and how the John Lewis Christmas ad got on

Here are your 5 minute reads for the week:

👟 Nike’s trail dream: the house of innovation - Link

🚕 The algorithmic future of the work force - Link

👍 5 ways the BBC will improve the engagement and journalism via tools and social training - Link

🔥 Powerful read on why the training firefighting inmates in California won’t be able to firefight when they are released - Link

🏡 Airbnb had over $1billion in revenues in Q3, who’s says mi casa su casa wouldn’t have made you rich - Link


If anyone knows or follows me, you are somewhat likely to have seen or heard my thoughts on voice search and voice assistants, this article nails it: 💬 Until we invent something that wouldn’t be possible without voice, we’re just repurposing online content for our ears - Link

💯 Mark Ritson tackled the huge divider of marketing Gary Vee in his latest article & why Gary Vee is wrong - Link 👏 Mark also drops knowledge bombs: What ails marketing? Tactification, communification and digitisation - Link

🎹 I took a look at how John Lewis (& Partners) Elton John themed advert got on 24 hours after release (there is also a Google Sheet with engagement info) -

✏️ Twitter has taken the Amazon approach to marketing, talking about stuff people want or crave and never delivering it as they talk about *maybe* releasing an edit button for typos only - Link 

📈The We Are Social x hootsuite quarterly report for the global digital stats is out - Link

💣 How Grenade (brand) exploded everywhere (key was being the brand on the the go) - Link

🤷🏻‍♂️ Why agencies think in house teams will go flocking back to agencies - Link

📚 Seth Godin released his book THIS is Marketing this week and has been everywhere, here’s a must watch on how he sees marketing and why a marketing book after all these years (Brand vs Logo is a great section)

Recommended Friends Posts

📰 Simon Swan Marketing & Digital Transformation lead at The Met Office spoke at the festival of marketing recently and here is his blog from his presentation “Creating an uncontested market through content” - Link

Nina Sawetz questions the difference between what Trump does vs what Downing Street could get away with: Imagine if Downing Street cancelled a reporter's credentials and accused them of assaulting staff - Link


🤨 This is a great article from Microsoft around killing the persona’s - Link(Submitted via my colleague Adam Selby here’s his LinkedIn)

💪 Reddit is growing up and pitching up agencies its new products and fancy new look - Link

⁉️ The question should be why...... How Google is slowing innovation....Embrace, Extend, Extinguish - Link

⭐️ Google is also going to let consumers leave reviews and feedback in their search engine results pages - Link

This is 💯% me

📺 Facebook is looking to roll out messenger watching parties, watch and chat has always been a focus for Facebook just hasn’t cracked it in Watch or in groups - Link


🙂 The Hustle (one of my favourite newsletters) takes a look at Airtable (try it out its like Google Sheets on steriods) and their steady way to huge investment - Link

🎧 Podcast: Blitzscaling at Microsoft, Reid Hoffman and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella discuss what it takes to become a blitzscaling business - Link

🗣 Here is a throw back to a great HBR article about what a good listener is and how they impact your business - Link

🚌 Popular European BlaBlaCar to acquire French National Rail service Ouibus, extending their offering to bus service - Link

👻 Nick Bell the VP of content at Snapchat is leaving, he created the discover product - Link(Here is a good podcast from October, talking about what Discover was, is and going to be - Link)

😬 Google are going to be recommending gifs mid conversation via its keyboard app - Link

⤴️ Here is a super simple way of knowing if it is Ai - Link

🤓 Wondering why Amazon and Apple is such a big deal, Prof Scott Galloway has got your back

As I am always asked for recommendations in London, here is where I write my reviews - Read here

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