How Looking At Previous Experiences Help You To Learn

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Must Read Stories Of The Week

  1. Re-learning Lessons 👨‍🏫- Remember a time when you thought about a situation and was blinded by rage or saw it being rude, why not rethink the situation and understand the learning lesson and take it on as an experience Read the way to rethink previous lessons

  2. Your Mouth Is Vital 🦷 - It’s uncommon we think about the importance of our teeth and our mouth. In this video, this dentist breaks down how important our mouth and teeth health is - Watch the TikTok Video » Here is a funny TikTok about how we have evolved on video chats since 2020

  3. Primark x Greggs 🍕👗 - This is probably the best and well-matched brand pairing, Primark (cheap clothes) with Greggs (A British Institute serving British food - sausage rolls) and will likely see an explosion of related brands improving the retail experience - Read about the collab

  4. Three Lessons For Retaining Staff 👏- There is a huge amount of lessons we should learn from the tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, this lesson is around the so-called great resignation, here are 3 stellar lessons from military leader lieutenant colonel Adria Horn - Read how we can change the workplace for the better

  5. Ghost Flights 🌍 - Wired has a fascinating article on the impact of ghost flights where airlines are flying to keep their slots at airports not worrying about the wider impact of it - Read how ghost flights are impacting the climate

  6. Attention To Detail ➕- Pixar changed the direction of Disney in 2006, their creativity is often unparalleled as is their attention to detail and gold nuggets for kids and parents to ponder - See their attention to detail

  7. The Ugly Sneakers Take Over Continues 👟- Read how the ugly trainer took over in recent years and then how it continues to influence designers read the future of the ugly/retro sneaker

  8. Wine World Shake Up 🍷 - The issue with wine is how it was controlled, now the world of wine is being shaken up like food was, with new approaches (think cans, smaller bottles), mixing blends and changing with the time and climate - Read how wine is changing 

  9. Meta Problems ⛔️ - Meta aka Facebook are already experiencing harassment issues in their beta attempt at the metaverse. One of the challenges Facebook never fixed or addressed well enough across their platforms was harassment and unwanted attention - Read why Meta implemented social distancing 

  10. Remember The Bottle Flip Challenge? 💦 - It would seem viral challenges are now the inspiration for football/soccer training routines with FC Barcelona using the bottle flip regularly. It is rare we use meme’s and viral moments for longer than a few weeks, maybe the online cycle is much shorter but the influence on our everyday is longer 🤔 - Watch the training video

  11. Amazon’s Ad Business Is Huge! 💰 Amazon ad business is huge and took over from YouTube’s advertising revenue (who doesn’t love seeing non skippable ads on mobile)

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This week’s video was sent in via a friend of Must Reads Adam with Simon Sinek (Mr Why) explaining why trust is a better indicator than performance.


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