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—For Work—

Feedback Over Opinions 💯 // ReadWhy the framing of opinions and feedback is so important. Feedback should be actionable. Opinions should be kept to a minimum

Netflix Answer To Issues - Be More Like TV 📺 // Read  I love what Netflix did for consumers and changed the industry for the better. Right now they are struggling and the answers of (1) adding in an ads supported model and (2) becoming more like TV and offering live streaming is a step that’s obvious but likely sees many to think of Netflix as a channel vs a destination of entertainment. The framing is important here.

Lady Gaga x Amazon Make Up Struggles? 😨 // Read Who would have thought a Lady Gaga and Amazon collab might struggle? The industry did, the press didn’t & customers didn’t go wild for it. The main takeaway, many celebrities have to pick team and leaders for these projects, industry experts and those who will challenge the industry status quo. If the industry isn’t adaptable and the leadership won’t budge, you have to go broader and into more stores. Read why the partnership struggled expertly done by insider in this tweet thread.

Power Of Religion Apps 🤲 // Read Here is a good thread from The Times on the influence of prayer and religious apps in many daily lives including the Kardashian family and well known athletes.

Wave Goodbye To The Password 🔐 // Read The password has been predicted to be replaced or removed for the last four to five years, but over the next 12 months, we are likely to see phrases, objects and gestures taking over. Forgot that password might be a thing of the past, although 2 step authentication might not

Uber’s Finances Explained (brilliant video)

Most Used Emojis (on Twitter) Across The World 🌍 


—For Life—

Hillary Duff’s Growth 👩 // Read Most child actors in Hollywood lose their way or get lost in the system, not Hillary Duff, and her understanding of the process and how important behind the scenes are, has all helped her stay an important star. BTW How I met your father is a great show and well worth the watch

Write To Learn ✍️ // Read Nir Eyal offers an interesting take, write to learn not to write about what you know. Similar to how you have heard me discuss note-taking and its importance (in work and life) - I mostly agree and is a subject I often teach in my leadership coaching.

Why Fandom Has Turned Jonny Depp vs Amber Herd Into Anti Amber 😬 // Read Fandom is one of the most powerful elements of today’s internet culture and many are blaming ‘the Deppford Wives’ for the anti Amber news stories and viral clips coming out of their trial. Interesting to understand that where there is fans, there will be content for them and against their “adversary”.

Train Social Media 🆚 Being Trained // Read I am a huge believer that social media is still in its early years and the emergence of TikTok serving you streams of relevant content has highlighted how much we need to train social media to offer us entertainment and educate us. This article helps you to understand how you guide platforms like TikTok to understand you to show better content.

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How Do Airports Keep Birds From Striking Planes? The important role you didn’t know existed: chief wildlife biologist

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