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Must Read Stories Of The Week

  1. 2027 🔮 - Here it is, the best-kept secret, the biggest companies plan five to ten years ahead, while smaller companies scramble constantly. Without the proper planning and vision your business struggles and you are reactive to every change rather than proactive and own most - Read why thinking in 2027 is so important 

  2. Work Culture 📧 - This week I found worklife a new publication about corporate life and how the work/life blur is continuing, here are 3 articles you will find helpful (a) Remote leadership fails (b) why office lobbies are now so important (c) outdoor spaces at offices is the new must have

  3. Circus Tok 🎪 - Yes there is a circus tok and it’s incredibly popular but it is not highlighting the issue with circuses becoming less popular. Breakout stars always find a platform but will circuses become popular again or is it time to repackage the tradition? - Find out why circus acts are thriving

  4. What’s Up WhatsApp 💬 - Believe it or not WhatsApp is not the dominant messenger of choice outside of Europe and South America, in The US it’s struggled to get a footing. This is the next mission for WhatsApp, trying to crack the US with encryption as their marketing message. With iMessage being the cool way to communicate there, WhatsApp is sending pop shots at SMS and trying to create fear around SMS - Read why WhatsApp is going this route 

  5. Crypto Clean Out 😱- There was a huge hack this week over $300m with and the hacker won’t accept $10m to return the stolen amount - If you’re into bitcoin, crypto or defi this is a must read

  6. Whale Killers 🐳 - Orca’s aka killer whales had their name change years ago so it didn’t sound so predatory, a study has found that Orca’s hunt and eat blue whales in 🇦🇺. Nature is full of surprise’s and new findings - Read the study’s finding

  7. Amazons Intel 🕵️‍♂️  - Something that will likely surprise you is the amount of information companies host on you. Google, Facebook etc have huge datacentre’s dedicated to intel it has on their customers, Amazon are no different and all of those random Alexa requests are logged… - Find out how download everything Amazon knows about you

  8. Lose How Much? 😳 - On the future state of podcast, Nick and I discuss how companies can lose so much money especially startups until they are acquired or they shut, this is a brilliant article breaking down how much food delivery lose and will lose huge amounts of money until they consolidate the market or sell - Read how much money food startups lose

  9. Loyalty Matters 💯 - I have waxed lyrical on brands ignoring existing customers and overlooking the connection they should have with long serving and repeat customers rather than always chasing new or infrequent customers. McDonald’s new loyalty scheme is a big example of why loyalty matters and when you serve customers well and reward them they keep coming back helping your business to grow - Read how McDonalds did it

  10. What Introverts Can Do… 💨 - As an ambivert who is more introverted, I find articles to be written about what introverts have to change and how to adapt, versus embracing your personality type and traits. If you are an introvert and want some ideas - this article might be of interest

  11. Google’s Blockchain Push 💰 - Google isn’t winning the cloud storage wars, they are often a distance third or fourth, what is interesting is their new push towards enabling and hosting blockchain services. Google wants in on Defi (allowing decentralised finance on their cloud hosting) and all the money that is being pushed into it. Ad’s play for G maybe, lucrative hosting costs for sure - Read the full story 

  12. NFT Artists Vs Brands 🤜 - Artists and brands are looking for clarity around whether trademark and traditional guidance sticks in the case of digital art and NFT’s. Hermès are notoriously strict with high paying IRL customers and any infringement, this NFT case will be important to show if brands will fear NFT’s or actually attempt to embrace them


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The Economics Of Apologises - A story from how Uber learnt to apologise from one bad internal experience

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