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Must Read Articles Of The Week

  1. Struggling With Planning This Year Effectively? 😞 Here are my two playbook templates for your success in 2022, Google Docs Template // Google Slides Template

  2. Better Habits ☑️ Want better results? You need better habits! - Watch why 

  3. What’s Going To Happen? 🔮 As someone who predicts the future on a weekly podcast, I took a look at what’s going to be big and important in 2022. - Read my full 2022 predictions

  4. Is Your News Snacking Good? 📰 We are inundated with content, good bad and ugly, must reads was set up so you didn’t have to consume so much and go on a rich content diet, this is a great article on why your news is likely bad for you - Read why news is likely bad

  5. Giftcards - You Sell Them Too? 👁 One of my favourite articles at the end of last year was how there is a marketplace for gift cards, yes people who receive them and sell them or trade them. It’s an interesting idea I remember pitched before but something brands ultimately win with - Read why there is a market for selling giftcards

  6. What Should Airbnb Launch In 2022? 💡 A few years ago Twitter and Airbnb took to Twitter to crowdsource ideas on what features or services they should release. On NYE the Airbnb CEO asked and revealed a number of features on their roadmap and found a number of new ideas - Read the new features coming to Airbnb

  7. The New Business Causal 👨‍💼 The eye-opener with a pandemic; people loved working comfortably, the problem will this be ok when we move back to hybrid in the office? The solution smarter casual wear? Or removing the need for smart wear? - Read the new way we might work

  8. Personalities Actually See Things Differently 🤨 Yes creative people do see things differently, you’ve likely seen it when you talk about something and then someone else explains it completely differently but it’s the same thing… - Read why people see things differently

  9. Eat With Our Eyes The ‘Ghrelin’ (The Hunger Hormone) Secret 🤫 The secret we all know to be true but rarely discuss is we eat first with our eyes - Read the power of food pics

  10. Dishonest Vs Cheating 🧠 As someone with an ultra-competitive twin brother and a real interest in behavioural economics, why people cheat at games and see it as part of the games has always fascinated me, this is a great dive into the fear of losing - Read the difference

  11. How Each Social Network Algorithm Works 🕸 This is one of the best explained of how each algorithm works (be careful with knowing how personal and business accounts act differently across different platforms) - Read how they work

Shorts Video To Watch 

With it being the first Must Reads of 2022, here are the trends you have to keep an eye out for: 

  • Hacks - IT, servers & high profile mobile phones

  • BNPL - being added to numerous checkouts for conversion rates but then being regulation

  • Gaming payment changes - free games but paid in crypto and NFT’s

  • Movement towards poly-work - where people have many jobs & passion jobs vs one full time work 

  • VR & AR - we will see a continued push into AR (when you use a filter on an app aka in the real world) gaming and social apps like Instagram and TikTok and then VR (when you have a headset on & play in a virtual world) that will leverage hybrid work, gaming and then shopping.

  • Subscriptions for personal brands - already something we saw with newsletters, YouTubers and adult…OF’s, expect Chefs and other celebrities to go behind a paypall. Below is an example of Jamie Oliver’s app JUM 

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