The Great Reshuffle?

➕Spotted: Footballers With Promo Codes

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Must Read Articles Of The Week

  1. Department Struggling? 😥 How agreeing on 5-10 principles is the secret to department happiness - Read the full breakdown

  2. Spiritual Cosmetics 💄 Once laughed at, crystals and other spiritual items are being added to cosmetics, I believe in the power of nature but will the masses? We will have to wait and see - Read why crystals are being added

  3. Fear Of Tomatoes? 🍅 Did you know Tomatoes were feared for 200 years in Europe? A fascinating read about why tomatoes were feared and how they changed to become a staple across the world. - Read how tomatoes rap changed 

  4. How Y2K Brands Came Back 👖 Do you recognise a load of brands from your teenage years? Yes, the ones you thought disappeared forever? Hint collaboration and leveraging influencers - Read how these brands made their comeback

  5. Shein’s Fast Fashion Rise 🚀 There was a lot made of Shein and the way it took over buying habits in the US and West Countries, how did it win? Low Prices, the sheer volume of choice & constant change in their marketplace - Read how Shein leveraged an amazon model to win

  6. Spotted This Week: Football Influencer Codes 🧐 This is something unseen in UK sports, footballer James Maddison who plays for Leicester, promoted his own promo code on his Instagram through his boot sponsor Puma. Why is this something? Will we see more professional athletes cut deals for affiliate style deals or will we see big brands use their talent to be able to track their influence & promote their brand? Most likely…

  1. Work TikTok’s 💃 Here are two TikTok’s you might not have seen, (1) Simon Sinek on having a competitor to compete with, (2) the great resignation as told by podcaster who think’s life is too short.

  2. Search Engine Issues 🔍 Search engines are great at serving information, very often they are gamed by SEO and large sites, so which ‘major’ search engine serves most conspiracies? It’s not who you might think - Read the full search breakdown

  3. Rebranding 2021 🥤 The cost of rebranding is actually huge, internal team’s time, external design and brand agencies and then the advertising budget, but so many brands need it and help to kickstart performance. Here is a good article breaking down the large brands rebranding efforts in 21 - Read the rebrand teardown

  4. How Dollar Stores Exploded 💵 🇺🇸 Dollar Stores (& Pound stores like Poundland in 🇬🇧 who floated this year) have taken over and exploded in popularity over the last 18 months. A little hint; get around supply chain issues with offering evolving SKU’s & product lines - Read how thinking differently won

  5. The Top Small Business CEO’s 👩‍💼 Some feedback I received was I don’t always cover smaller lesser-known brands, here is the 25 top CEO’s as voted by their teams - Read the 25 small ceo’s 

  6. 2022 Work Predictions Via LinkedIn 👇 LinkedIn’s new narrative is a smart way of putting forward The Great Reshuffle - not resignation, but set groups of people shifting roles.

  7. Shaping 2022 Right 👏 Thanks to those who read The Marketing Leaders Guide to 2022, here is a follow-up interview with Simon Swan helping you to shape 2022 and beyond.

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Last week I wrapped the recording of Fixing The Broken World Of Work podcast, it was a brilliant experience, here’s why to listen to each episode: Briony Gunson on breathwork, anxiety and meditation, Sharon Aneja on Positive Psychology & leadership, Jo Twisleton on helping to transform businesses and business leaders, Andy Reid on leadership & the power of joy, Matt Roberts on helping companies have the right conversations, Luke Kyle on company culture & using NPS (which helped to sell their agency) Peter Hopwood on helping leaders step up and build connection & Colin Newlyn on being decr^pifying work and improving work for you.


Nick and I wrapped 2021 with a review of 2021 and predicted 2022. Listen to The Future State of 2022.

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