Enjoyment Over Pleasure?

206 - Seasonal Flu Edition

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This week’s edition of must-read has 11 stories to enjoy. Unfortunately, I have been ill all week so must reads is shorter than usual. Hopefully back to normal programming next week.



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Must Read Stories Of The Week

  1. Personal Quests 🚀 - Why quests are better than resolutions and goals - Link

  2. Improving Meetings From Software? 🕷 Can personal assistants help to summarise and improve meetings and work - Link » here’s 25 meeting recommendations from me

  3. Power & Strings 💪 - Why serial powerhouse and ex-Google chairman’s (Eric Schmidt) fingerprints are all over the US Government efforts - Link

  4. How brands make free shopping work 🚚 - We demand it, Amazon has given us prime expectations but is a huge loss leader for so many smaller brands - Link

  5. Drops 💧- Is blind drops the future to luxury and secret new brand success? Most likely but it’s not for all! - Link

  6. NFT 💴 - Can museums make NFT’s work? Maybe, but it’s going to cost everyone involved & likely lose a lot of people money - Link

  7. Let’s just call it as it is “Skins” 👗 - The metaverse fashion week is upon us and the largest brands are diving in, but it’s not actually the metaverse yet - Link

  8. Enjoyment > Pleasure? 😃 Why enjoyment is more important than pleasure. Hint enjoyment is less addictive and more sustainable - Link

  9. Liars! 👃 It’s not just humans that lie, animals do it deliberately too (not just for survival) - Link

  10. Equity Over Money 💵 - How equity deals (like 50 cent and flavoured water) changed music deals and pushed the industry and artist forward - Link

  11. Storytelling 101 👇

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Well Worth The Watch

Smart hackers, what they do and why they do it…watch to see how hackers target big companies like Apple and Meta to gain timely data

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