What Facebook being down showed us about our digital lives

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Must Read Articles Of The Week

  • Why Not Being 100% Committed Is Ok At Work 🤔
    It is often questioned if you are committed to the cause or the company or if you are all in, find out why this is not being 100% might be the best option for you - Read the full article
  • Why Facebook Going Down Is More About The Future Than You Realise 😳  
    Why Facebook going down should mean more to you than you think!
    Hint: Facebook's (properties) power is it still gives FOMO not JOMO - Read the full article
  • Is it possible to have a non-subject matter expert as your department lead? 🧐
    Each week I answer questions on career and work advice, this week I answer if it is ever ok to have a non-subject matter expert as a department lead.
    - Read the full advice column  
  • James Bond Legacy Or Daniel Craig’s? 🔫
    Last week saw the most recent 007 released in cinemas…finally. As a big Daniel Craig Bond fan, this article raises the unspoken question is it the 007 legacy or is it Daniel Craig’s legacy? - Read the full article
  • How Facebook & Google Enable Internet Connections 🛠
    Something that fascinates me is how the sea is being used for so many business ventures. Here is a look at what Facebook & Google are doing with sonar and cables to ensure they can drive the adoption of the products globally - See the pictures
  • The Full Canva Story 🖼 
    If you work in Marketing, Design, Product or have your own business chances are you’ve used canva once or twice, the founder story is incredible and this full breakdown will open your eyes to what success looks like with $1b businesses - Read the full Canva story
  • 11 Tips You Should Hear But Rarely Are Given 1️⃣1️⃣
    We are often given the same tips and advice to follow the same path or do it as others do it, here are 11 tips to help you rethink or reshape that
    - Read the full tips 
  • The Mona Lisa Theft Led To It’s Status Today 👁
    The secret that few know is the Mona Lisa was never popular until it was stolen and then became art’s hottest property and has been the must see picture ever since - Read the full story
  • How Chinese Tech Has Helped To Reconnect Old & New 🇨🇳
    How rethinking how things are positioned and included in reality shows the traditional China is being introduced to the young audience
    - Read the full post 
  • Siri Hit 10 - Why Is Voice So 💩
    I was once a big believer in voice search and assistance, I started to use them and realised they have been rubbish since launch and even revisiting over the years they keep failing, despite Nick and I discussing the merits of voice search and assistance on our recent podcast, we aren’t seeing any real progress. Will they improve? Unlikely, but will Apple ever go big into voice for their new advertising business….maybe - Read the full article
    (FWIW I am dyslexic and I often use voice search and dictation to help with my spelling and grammar, there are use cases like this that should be developed out more)
  • Taste Of TikTok 💃: Here’s a great video on why you and everyone is feeling bad right now
    (BTW Marks And Spencers might just have the best brand accounts)

Micro Blog - Amazon’s Test & Land Will Be A Playbook For Others

The Amazon 4+ Star Store Concept Comes To 🇬🇧  
Amazon’s expansion into retail has been impressive to watch, this time Amazon are launching their 4star and above concept to best selling (non food) items in the UK.

This is important as this tactical step drives awareness to Amazon, adds trust to an online only brand (this is something so many brands are trying to achieve currently) and increases the touchpoint to Amazon as a brand.

This move is going to be important for Amazon (many other brands following this trend) to focus on the physical customer and offer experiences away from quick delivery. Smart move ✅, good test to roll out ✅, important move ✅, help with land and expand in important terrority ✅ most definitely. - Read the full story 

Lastly, if dashboards just aren’t cutting it here is a 5x5 matrix that will change how you and your business works.

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