🤓 Don't worry it's not another 2018 in review...

I might just share a couple of the good ones 😏

2018 year in reviews have been all the rage this week and don’t be surprised if they flood our inbox next week too.

My timelines has been filled by with year in reviews, hating on Facebook and some cracking marketing campaigns and development.

Don’t worry i’m sick of all of the Christmas ads too.

So…Here are 5 must reads of the week:

🍔 Burger King owning McDonalds and local

⬆️ Reddit has had over 27 billion (yes billion) votes in 2018

☹️ How cashless economy is hurting the people who need money the most

🌍 The travel industry is finally waking up to disruptors

🗽 How Lyft went hyper local to support Brooklyn and probably won hearts and minds of NYC


💯 IPO ready Lyft went hyper local with a super smart ad campaign removing l’s in support of the L train stop running there - Link 

☹️ It’s been reported the worlds most popular app TikTok (formally musically) has a nude problem & doesn’t know how to tackle it - Link It’s a problem every social network has and once hits critical mass your platform will always be abused, it’s a shame large businesses don’t tackle this from the start

🤴Probably one of the best troll marketing in recent years, BK ripped through McDonalds with a local campaign and got 1 million downloads - Link

🤨 YouTube have potentially caved to advertising pressure in their year in review video (The Verge has a good article here)

🏀 A good look at why NBA players are diversifying the brands they are working with and it isn’t just for “bank” - Link

🤗 Vaseline’s latest twitter campaign plans to save us from the winter - Link

🎧 Submission of the week 🎧

This weeks comes from one of my colleagues Rob Edwards (Design and UX lead @ JustGiving). It’s a must listen to podcast from intercom how marketing and product team have to be aligned - Link

Cool tool of the week


🚴‍♀️ Shamed cyclist Lance Armstrong has released his early investment into uber saved his family - Link

🤼‍♂️ Mark Zuckerberg shows how ruthless you have to be to be a leader of one of the biggest companies in the world - Link

😡 Here is a really important read how the cashless economy is driving a bigger wedge for the poor - Link I would rarely ever suggest this but the comments are some of the most thoughtful and insightful comments covering the 360 degree debate, well worth ten mins reading this.

😇 Balancing this out Crunchbase has a good article on new startup’s trying to make the world a better place - Link

👏 Wired has a great guide to data breaches - Link

🐛 Gmail’s latest tweak has flooded users inboxes with ads, Google suggest its a bug that will be fixed - Link 

🏠 Finally a large travel company has come out and said their biggest competitor is Google - Link

Watch this for some truths from Professor Scott Galloway around disruptors

🤝 Something every company is likely fighting hard to help fix is their internal cultures, last week’s most popular Simon Sinek shared this and it’s very timely if you are looking to improve your company - Link

🔥 Here is a crazily good resource into super companies, investors and startups, including 50 take aways - Link

The Best Year in Reviews

Thank You

My most popular tweet of the last few months has actually been, thanks for supporting my newsletter. When I get chance I will write up a blog post and share my thoughts and insights.

Thanks and have a great week,

Danny D