Danny Denhard's Must Reads Of The Week

🤯 How is it on 65 days until Christmas 🎅🏼

This week has been busy, there has been a lot going on: More news on the Facebook hack, Twitter suggesting a move away from followers to topics and interests (again), The (new) 4c’s of marketing success, American’s don’t seem to know that the large companies own your favourite apps, Brits probably don’t either, TED doubling down in podcasting, Tim Cook not happy with misleading reports and Uber’s latest rep work takes them hyperlocal.

BTW I highly recommend a book I am reading at the moment “We are the nerds”, its a great book about the history and inner workings of Reddit, i’m well over 120 pages in and can’t put it down.

The 5 Must Reads Of The Week

🍔 Burger King with a great marketing campaign in turning peoples poop a different colour - Link

🤣 The LOL social media guidelines - Link

🧐 How deepfakes can be spotted as……fakes - Link

🌯 Seems like Chipotle’s app might have been their secret to their recent success - Link

💯 I know this is an ad but this is incredible (and if you don’t cry there is something wrong with you)

Quote of the week: "Happiness is the richest thing we will ever own." – Donald Duck.

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🗽 Google’s look at how Google Pixel 3, Eminem and Empire State teamed up for that Jimmy Kimmel venom show -

😝 The anti Gary Vee movement continues with this anti struggle article over on medium - Link

😏 Interesting interview with Jack Dorsey, suggesting Twitter is going back to topic based following away from account follower count - Link (this isn’t the first time Jack has suggested this, so watch this space)

💄Glossier believe they cracked the new marketing method: the 4c’s: Community, content, curation and collaborations - Link

✌️Patagonia is stepping up its endorsements and marketing alongside it - Link

🇺🇸🇨🇦 Time Out is opening up 5 new food markets (Lisbon food market is great) in US & Canada - Link

🧐 Weird move of the week: Facebook have appointed Nick Clegg (former Deputy PM) for policy and comms role - Gated content Link

▶️ YouTube and Eventbrite have teamed up for ticketing - Link

🕵️‍♂️ Duckduckgo (it’s search engine) have released a blog post that shows American’s didn’t know whatsapp was owned by Facebook and Google owned Waze - Link (I doubt most Brits know either)


☹️ Newsletter legend Lenny Letter shut down on Friday - Link

🥪 Subway has stepped up it’s social push with NBA players for their new trivia game going on Instagram Live - Link (I like this approach to making social interactive with influencers and talent)

🚕 Uber is going hyperlocal with cities partnerships, this Austin partnership is great - Link

👟 Long read of the week: How Nike influenced and drove sales through powerful relationship with University of Oregon - Link📒 Book recommendation: Shoe Dog by Phil Knight is a must read - Amazon Link

👎 GBK #currywars campaign pulled for being racist - Link

👀 Is Facebook watch going to work? MTV have bet big on it and launching The Real World exclusively on Facebook Watch - Link


🎧 Peek podcasting reached as arguing couple release their real life arguments as podcast and gets popular - Link

📺 TED releases their new conversational podcast series with 11 new shows - Link


📲 Tim Cook and Apple has Bloomberg in its cross heirs - Link

💸 An interesting look at if selling to Yahoo was a good idea for Delicious owner back in the day (very relevant even today) - Link 

💳 With the move to cashless will mastercard be one of the leaders in the space? Their boss has a plan - Link

@ The Gmail creator on what makes a great engineer - Link (long read / interview)

🎧 If you have read my must reads of the week before you know i’m into product and podcasts and this is a great podcast from Product Hunt about teens and apps - Link

📌 Is Pinterest really the best personal stylist? Pinterest might have accidentally become that - Link 

Tweets of the week


Nice marketing slant from Netflix

Track of the week

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