208 - Why constant noise and content is killing your communications and your cut through

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Must Read Stories Of The Week

For Work

Win Business By Cutting Through Constant Noise & Constant Content 💯 We have been misled, we believe chat apps are better than email apps and more = better. This is just bad advice. Less is more and less is better with the right process to follow. - Read More

What Lessons You Should Learn From Stripe’s Community Letter! 💴 Stripe Founders the Collison brothers are already business legends and their most recent letter shows how you write to your customers and lead an insutry from the front. A must read for any manager or leader! - Read More

Can Gaming Show Its Mature Side For Advertisers To Truly Back Them? 🕹 Gaming has often been seen as childish and the teenager in the room and not seen as a grown-up business that advertisers trust, well this is ill-informed and now it’s time to really test whether gaming is right to move forward and make real ad money. - Read More

Why Do All Marketing & Advertising Looks The Same 😆 You will likely have seen a lot of marketing and advertising look the same, here’s why (but my 2c - it’s because copying is easy and easiest to sell in to your boss or GM within a larger business and design is often inspired by others ;-) ) - Read More

Gaming The Algorithm 💪 A Brazilian music artist (Anitta) and their army of fans have worked out how to game Spotify to boost their hero in the charts. Despite it being not exactly well regarded we are going to see more and more artists rely on smart fans and community to drive their music, brand and their success - Read More 

The Million-Dollar Meme Gif NFT - the gif (meme below) sold for $1m this week…go figure.

How Michael Jordan Become The Business Powerhouse 🏀  From one of my favourite newsletters Huddle Up, the journey and importance of Michael Jordan’s personal and professional brand and how he is now one of the highest-paid athlete brands in the world. - Read More


For Life

Physical Fatigue Is As Much Mental As Physical 🥱 We have been told for years that being fatigued is physical not impacted by mental, but it’s proven that isn’t true and now it’s time to truly know your fatigue triggers. - Read More

Stress For Streamers 😞 How streamers are struggling with their fan stresses through comments and conversation from their streams and feeds. This was a platform problem now are a creator problem and one no one was ever trained for or supported with. - Read More

Why Noom & The Diet Industry Are At An Cultural Inflexion Point 🍲 This is an important read, we are often misdirected by advertising and marketing. Marketers have to market as a new product or apply pressure based on product or science, now Noom is hitting the headlines with success stories but is causing many to face the difficult decision of the impact of the marketing on health - Read More

The Queen Of Crime-Solving 👸 This is a long read about Angela Gallop the queen of crime-solving, her story and journey and why she fears for forensic science industry - Read More

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Well Worth The Watch

Holograms - Are they the next office essential? Likely…but is beaming going to be enough to connect to the messages?

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