😱 Christmas is coming

🎅🏼 The ads are taking over tv's and social feeds

This week’s must reads are a real mix of important and interesting reads, my picks of the week includes:

  • KFC winning marketing again (it’s their year) 🍗

  • Buzzfeed’s affiliate success 🛍

  • How the internet was tricked by the Bieber Burrito 🌯

  • Whatsapp ads are coming 💬

  • How Heathrow handles so many flights ✈️

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Important Read Of The Week

💯 HBR: Mental health needs to be talked about at work - Link”Mental illness is a challenge, but it is not a weakness. Understanding your psyche can be the key to unleashing your strengths”


🍟 KFC leads the way again, with promoting harsh tweets about their fries - Link

🏈 Why sports marketers aren’t creative enough - Link

🖥 Standing desk fan? Sounds like all the benefits are a scam - Link

🎹 Music social network Tik Tok secret to it’s top ranking in the app store - LinkHint marketing spend

💰 Strong brand and powerful content = buzzfeed affiliate success - Link 

👭 I love The Skimm, their email and brand is so well done, here is a deep dive interview about the brand, the founders and what is next - Link

📈 Good relevant news content + right audience = amazing viewership

🌯 How a small team tricked the internet with Justin Bieber eating a burrito

💬 Facebook’s competitors YouTube and iMessage (yes apple’s iMessage) - LinkHere’s a deeper look at what Facebook said and how they are looking at their current situation - Link

👏 Smart article from Seth, Quality & Effort - Link


🤳 Instagram has gone fully Facebook, here is a good tweetstorm on it

📰 It does also raises the question is Facebook too big (and important) to fail - Link

🧀 Cheddar exclusive look into Facebook’s war room and their tools to combat fake news and political ads - Link

💬 Whatsapp confirmed ads are coming to statuses near you (as only 3 people ever use it out of hundreds on my Whatsapp not sure it will impact many) - Link

🎧 Techcrunch released a deep dive into the future of podcasting and predicting subscriptions over ads - Link

☕️ Starbucks still has the pull, with their new festive cups close to running out in their first day - Link

✊ #Googlewalkout was huge news this week, here is a good wrap up - Link 

🚇 An alternative London tube map was created for Lidl stores vs Waitrose stores and their locations - Link

👾 The Verge takes a look at Twitch and why they aren’t and shouldn’t be more like YouTube - Link

🤓 Have you seen the new floating tweet button this week?

💸 Logan Paul believes he lost over $5 million since his infamous video upload - LinkHere is full interview where he suggests he will diversify into podcasting and other platforms - Link

Podcasts to listen to

🍕 How Domino’s became a tech company and grown at record rate - Link

🚗 Kara Swisher interview Elon Musk, this is a must listen to for all media, Musk fans and futurists - Link 

Interesting Read Of The Week

🛬 475000 flights land at Heathrow every year, Wired takes a look at how its done - Link