🥵 If you can't stand the heat...

Get out of the kitchen

Hello from heatwave, sweat drenched London, we didn’t quite beat the hottest temp ever but it was given a good go! Londoners and tourists alike are now happy its dropped 12c. 

Just a reminder that this week’s is deliberately shorter, let me know what you think of the format.

🤩 10 Must Reads 🤩

  1. 👟The secret behind Nike’s beaded shoes  Alternatively if you are an adidas fan - Meet the most famous man behind a trainer/sneaker Stan Smith

  2. 📺Young people don’t like news from TV This isn’t a surprise but the numbers are so low it suggests there is an opportunity there and not in a ‘woke’ Vice way

  3. 📸How Google photos joined the billion user club The value exchange for free pictures and storage is enough for most ;-)

  4. 🔫The man who built the retweet button believe Twitter created a weapon of potential mass destruction 

  5. 👙UK’s Love Island is getting a winter version Because it drives ad revenue and viewerships obvs —> “it is, what it is”

  6. 📲Netflix had a bad quarter at home, so Netflix are releasing a mobile only version for equivalent to $3 - this is smart because everyone is trying to crack the Indian market and mobile is the primary device in a lot of India.

  7. 👩‍💻Apple might just be as bias as the other big four (Amazon, Facebook and Google) and rewarding itself This is paywalled but the TLDR is Apple are rewarding their own apps in their appstore and highlights how Apple can contradict their external statements

  8. 🍔Easy Marketing and PR 101: In-and-Out burger found in NYC (for anyone outside the US In-And-Out is West Coast Only), everyone goes mad and it was a “simple mistakeI’m still not sure this wasn’t staged but stories like this make massive waves

  9. 🏢I love this out of office, why no email is that important article, I wouldn’t be as bold as auto deleting my emails like one person but it’s a tactic to see if your auto reply is being read

  10. 💬Important Social Media Updates: WeChat is now accepting offline payment…in the air WeChat is supersmart & something every company is looking at, TikTok has changed the beauty industry, How Snap became popular again…Facial and Gender Swaps and concentrating on their audience. The Hopper Instagram Rich List was launched - want to know why Kylie (North of $1.1m per post) is up charging so much? Out of the last 4 weeks she has had 3 - 6 of the top 9 most popular Instagram posts

Things I loved this week

🤔Final Thought 🤔

On Android alone, Microsoft has been downloaded over 1billion (yes with a B) times, it’s not something you’d expect however it highlights two important things, 1. Default is king (for most businesses Microsoft is still your suite of choice) and 2. In 30+ years that hasn’t been a suite of tools that has got near to replacing Microsoft Office, G Suite (Google Docs) only really does well in Start Up’s and Education.

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Thanks - Danny Denhard (and of course all views are my own)

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