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Must Read Articles Of The Week

  1. The Secret Of Code Names 💪 Here is a secret hack to improve work for people, introduce secret code names for products and campaigns (look out for Friends characters example) - How code names are a secret hack

  2. God Mode 👁 Toby Lütke the Shopify CEO uses God Mode to log into his staff calendars and removes recurring meetings, while I support the notion of training teams of effective meetings and leading from the front, this is a little too intrusive and likely going to backfire in their company culture - Read how god mode is used » Pair with the deep-dive into the Bloomberg interview with Toby and his battle with Amazon 

  3. Boundaries Are Key 🔐 Boundaries are key, as are guidelines of how to be successful. Here is a good look at why we need more boundaries and why it ties in with success - Read how boundaries will help you

  4. Store Fronts Replaced With Livestreams? 🧐 Something I receive a fair amount of replies to must reads is the expected impact of live streams and why every tech firm is rushing towards QVC style selling, making everyone a potential salesperson. Here is a look at how Facebook and Google are going into the next frontier of selling and influencing - Google & Facebook’s live stream approach 

  5. Big Data Church ⛪️ Big data has the ability to positively and negatively impact us, the church has embraced big data and targeted new followers/believers. This is what you expect from large companies and loans/banks/BNPL (buy now pay later) but from the church? Maybe not (or if you think about it, it’s what they were invented for; good or bad) - Read how the church is leveraging data

  6. How WordPress Founder Is Fighting For An Open Web 🕷 The internet is becoming controlled by a few companies and this is ultimately bad for choice and goes against what the internet was built for, this interview with the nice and super smart businessman, Matt Mullenweg the WordPress founder is enlightening and his vision for the open web and the anti-Facebook (meta) web is right for us - Read the full profile 

  7. Peloton Search Problems? 🚴 Peloton has had a rough year, especially Q4, with fewer workouts per person (a success metric for Peloton), BIG dying on a workout and now Google search trends being used against it to show how it’s declining - Read the trends data impacting Peloton

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