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Must Read Stories Of The Week

  1. 🟩 3 Ideas To Build Connection With Your Team - 3 ideas for how in office, hybrid and remote teams can connect naturally - Help wordle to connect the team together

  2. 🇸🇪 How Ikea Is Designed - Ikea is an Institution and is designed from the entrance to exit to entice you to buy! Flying Tiger and many others have applied the same design psychology to ensure you buy in their mazes - Read how Ikea leverages design

  3. 💤 Sleep Better Eat Better? - What are the two things every doctor suggests; (1) eating better and (2) sleeping more. This article dives into the link between how well we sleep compared with what we eat - Read eat better to sleep better

  4. 🫂 5 Ways To Support A Struggling Friend - It can be incredibly difficult to know how to support friends and family when they are struggling. Some are great at it others aren’t. Here is a good read about how to support your friend in need.

  5. ❤️ When Apps Aren’t Good Enough - An insider’s look at the love matchmaker (like one of my guilty pleasures TV show millionaire matchmaker) for the wealthy. Many expecting to find their husband or wife by paying their way to find them. If you have it, spend it right? - Why paying $300k membership is enough

  6. Subscription-Based Recycling ♻️- Roger Federer (the 🎾 🐐) backed OnRunning a well known running brand and it has skyrocketed, with quality products based on a sustainable mission. Now On are offering subscriptions (yes, it’s the business model of choice now) for $30 pm and you can recycle your pair every six months for new sustainable sneakers. Smart? Yes, will others follow no - Read more about OnRunning subs (» or watch their story explained)

  7. 💋 Video & Hub Moderation - This is an incredible #longread about how a scaling company reviews content and became the adult entertainment and industry leader by struggling to moderate uploads and battling against taking down trending and popular user-submitted videos. FWIW Moderation is the hardest part of almost any platform, from social networks like Facebook, Twitter & YouTube to crowdfunding platforms and adult entertainment sites.

  8. ⚽️ David Beckham’s Brand Sold - This flew under the radar last week but David Beckham sold the majority share of his business brand to authentic brands group (who recently brought Reebok (who partnered with Victoria David’s wife from Adidas (who sponsors David)). This is important because many athletes are now getting lifetime deals, however, Beck’s retired just before this trend took off and David is one of the most famous ex-players making money in many ways, from endorsements to content production to hair products. Will we see Becks become a media company my prediction…yes!

  9. 🚖 Uber The Entertainment App? - In a shift that was predicted but will surprise a few, Uber’s move into a discover local aka the explore tab, it will allow people to explore their local area and book dinner, gigs and recommend places to visit. Ads and partnership expansion 101. Good idea, maybe, but is their CEO’s work experience reshaping a brand into a travel company, not a logistics company, likely. - Read why Uber is experimenting

  10. ⏯ TikToks  As TikTok’s are always in the most clicked stories in must reads, here are your 3 short form fixes this week 1/ Simon Sinek talking through transforming through conflict (not combat)2/ Dr Julie Smith talking through self-compassion and growth 3/ Business sense 101 - Value time over money 

  11. 💰 Be inspired by Warren Buffett Friend of must reads Clare shared this great thread on learning from Warren Buffett’s shareholder letters (BTW shareholder letters are great for inspiration and understanding how companies are being shaped, read Amazon’s they’re brilliant) 

💭 Thought Of The Week 💭  

Why is it so many people won’t pay for mobile apps? Mobile apps are typically less than a cup of coffee and croissant at your favourite coffee shop… Why? We don’t know the value of the app before we use it and most apps do what we want for free…alongside over 70% of apps we download we never actually use. So would you rather have a better app or a cup of coffee?

Well Worth The Watch

Dr John Campbell (health educator & now extremely popular YouTuber) and Russell Brand discuss the impact of placebo and nocebo effect and how controlled double-blind test work.

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