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Must Read Stories Of The Week

  1. Hybrid Work Will Only Work 1 Way ⚠️ Hybrid work is the future, we all know this, the majority of us want this but the only way it can work, if leaders lead and don’t rush to the office daily. - Read why leaders have to lead from home 

  2. The Best Leadership Traits 👩‍💼 Over the last 21 years, I have had a handful of brilliant and inspiring leaders, these 7 traits have been through most - Read the greatest 7 leadership traits 

  3. The Office Has To Change 👂 For many of you, you will have returned or returning to an office in some capacity, this is a great article on how the office and our expectations have changed, especially around how all things sound effect us and the importance of sound - Read the office sounds article  

  4. TikTok Culture Take Down 🎥 Here’s an odd one, here is a TikTok account calling out TikTok’s internal issues. The video’s are being kept up but highlighting many issues of working at large businesses, especially when you are an international employee - Watch the TikTok takedowns

  5. WedontChat 🇦🇺 Aussie Prime Minister Scott Morrison lost his access to the official WeChat account and has been turned into a blog about life in Australia. Pretty telling how vulnerable even world leaders are to platform changes - Read why it changed

  6. Cult Following For Water 💯 Liquid Death is a fascinating water company, they broke all the rules in the water industry and changed the water bottle to a can and made it look more like an energy drink. They also sold $3m of merch in 2021, that’s incredible. - Read how brand can play a huge part in life

  7. Causing MSCHF 👁 MSCHF are masters of the drop and being at the forefront of culture. This time managing to upset almost every brand they mentioned. Their tactics are questionable and big brands will chop them down, but is being cool or relevant of a few worth the legal issues? - Read why

  8. Dan From HR TikTok 👨‍💼There is a serious side to this TikTok account… the lack of experience, however, Dan From HR highlights how popular content creators can become defacto coaches by accident - Read how it happened

  9. Your News 📰 News apps are incredibly powerful apps, they are 1 of 6 apps that are used every day and shapes many peoples views and opinions on the world. December’s snapshot is interesting viewing especially with Apple News, BBC and Daily Mail being so popular - Read the most used news apps article

  10. Power Of Celebrity 💴 I have written about how impressive cameo is at capturing attention and leveraging celebrities appeal. This article is a real dive into how Cameo captures demand and enables b list celebrities to have a secondary income & how demand spikes whenever they appear on TV - Read the rundown

  11. The Unexpected Beef With Open Calendars 📆 Calendly and others have helped many sales teams and accounts team manage their calendars effectively but tech have really hit back at having to manage others time via a URL - crazy to think a link could cause so much discourse. - Read the tweet that made it sprial again

💡 The 2022 Digital Report Friend of must reads Simon Kemps creates a quarterly report I saw almost every quarter, it is a huge undertaking and essential reading for anyone in marketing, startups and product and give you insights unavailable anywhere else - Give this quarters a read 

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Why? Pilotless electric aircraft are recieving huge investments and the Google co-founder Larry Page is going all in on air mobility.

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