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November Must Reads 🔓

Hey 👋 Must Readers, I hope you have been well and had a good couple of months since the last Must Reads hit your inbox.

» November’s Must Reads Includes

  1. Update on must reads newsletter and how it’s going to work moving forward

  2. My latest posts (I have been busy)

  3. Important reads for you to enjoy

» The Must Reads Update

For those who read the last Must Reads and for those who may have missed it (the real issue with email - you can never keep up), you will have seen I haven’t sent a MR newsletter number of weeks.
Why? Must Reads takes hours (some newsletters take way over ten hours with consumption & creation) a week to create and although is a passion of mine to help offer the best materials to help you be informed about the future it’s just not sustainable weekly. Moving forward Must Reads likely will become a monthly newsletter.

But as promised I wanted to share a few things from the last few weeks I have been up to, a handful of important Must Reads and must watch videos to help inform your future.

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Mind Reader 🧠

Another excellent cartoon from https://workchronicles.com

» My Latest Posts

Be Quick: Get the best and must-have Beauty Advent Calendars for celebrating December and the holiday session. Best Black Friday Deals and The Best Discount Codes.

» Must Reads Articles

  • Why Nuance & Two Things Can Be True Is Being Lost 😞 
    - An incredible breakdown of what is happening with social media and why so many are losing their fight for diverse opinions and thoughts in the newsfeed-driven world we live in

  • AI AI AI 🤖 Big Shock ;-) 
    AI is named the Collins dictionary word of the year - If you’re not sick of hearing AI yet - I commend you. We have already seen a number of AI Wrapper businesses go out of business with one small update, be careful chasing that get-rich-quick train.

  • Close To Criminal? 🚨: Completely Irresponsible Behaviour: Cruise the self-driving business knew it had issues identifying children and big holes (amongst other issues) and pushed ahead. This is common in tech but when it does mean the difference between life and death you should face legal action. Now their co-founder and CPO have left the company. Not a good month for self driving.

  • Netflix Is Now Just (Expensive) TV 📺: Netflix’s 15m traditional TV viewers (on their ad-supported tier) - Netflix has two options make money from us (the subscribers), the advertisers or both until they transform into the new Disney. Expect Netflix to really test their pricing even further than it has and make you work out if it is them vs every other streaming platform. Netflix will become a luxury for some and a privacy for others.

  • Prime Cars 🚙 - Amazon is now going to sell cars, yes cars. Hyundai and Amazon have partnered up and will sell customisable cars through Amazon. Prime perk or have we reached peak prime? Smart for both parties if you ask me…

  • You're Fired 🔥: An important read on how businesses decide on how to lay people off. Many companies follow the same practise 9 box grid but important to know other methods when you might need to make the hard decision or are part of a round of layoffs

  • On A Mission 👏 Making Their Money Count - A millionaire is building 99 small homes to make their money count (I hope this is the future for many super wealthy individuals)

  • Big Britney Book 📕: Britney’s tell-all book boasts her music streams - Britney’s book launch blew up TikTok and owned booktok and got to be a New York Times best seller. Expect this to be a way celebrities release their tell-all, strong lead story (the villain Justin Timberlake), a number of teasers about the lead story and then push sales and streams - with a streaming show to be the end game.

  • News Sources & Implications 📰: Independent news outlets (via social networks) are more popular than ever - we want to learn from those we trust and speak our language not to be spoken at like we are sheep. Mainstream news has been reeling for a decade but will we see a rollout of mass adoption - potentially IF it aligns with what reaffirms out beliefs (this goes hand in hand with must read article 1)

  • Sharents 🤳: Why Disney parents and their obsession of oversharing are the most hated people online. If you can share your breakfast and gym pics, won’t can’t Disney lovers ;-)

  • Brain Clean Up 🧠: Why cognitive load theory is like a desktop clean up and will be better for you and your productivity.

  • Here’s something you’d never stumble upon but only on TikTok, you would. A deaf nurse explaining how she learnt to speak ↓


This is just a short summary, but there’s so, so much work that goes into learning how to talk as a deaf person. It’s not an easy task and... See more

A Brilliant Watch ↓

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I trust you enjoyed November’s Must Reads.
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