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Happy Friday Must Readers - 275 is a x/twitter free zone and deliberately packed with numerous brilliant must reads, listens and must watch videos.

» The Important Info Behind The Famous Quotes 💪 - How three famous quotes from Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and Google founder Larry Page are often used but never broken down, here are the essential break downs

++ Trivia Time ++ How many times did Google mention AI in this weeks earning call? 🤖

(A) 20
(B) 28
(C) 30
(D) 38

» AI Influencer & Thirst Traps 👙- No it is a thing and if you listen to the people pushing AI this is just the start, paying influencers for content, now paying AI influencers for thirst traps, maybe something OnlyFans will continue to win even when the people don’t exist. Lesson - People always pay for adult content especially when they can do what you like…

» The New Way To Shop Merch 🪪 - Shopify and Drake have put together a new way of shopping merch, by entering Drakes property and clicking on merch you can buy directly from the house tour. Kinda cool right, but other artists will likely struggle with creating their version away from t-shirts and caps?

» Struggling With Remote? ⚪️ - Can memories and experience with in person events help remote and most hybrid companies come closer together. HR at VSCO believes so. FWIW any of the best and most vocal remote only companies (Automattic, 37signals, Gitlab (Gitlabs guide to remote is brilliant btw) will tell you the secret to getting the best work is async comms, better and up to date documentation and a quarterly to annual get togethers really solidify culture and performance.

» Surprise Move Of The Year 🥂- LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton are going to sponsor the Paris Olympics and Paralympics - fits for Paris but does it fit the Para&Olympic Games? Not so sure myself.

» Why Big New Search Engines Struggle 🔎- A great write up on Neeva. It explains why Better Or Best doesn’t beat the big incumbents (Google) and why advising might not have ever done enough. The magic equation you need to break if you’ll ever get near a big tech market leader: Habit + breaking the default (safari + android search) + convenience

« LinkedIn Has Hit Its Highest Engagement Rates: 
One of the oldest and most trusted social network has never been so engaged… Why? It is easy to use, you have a network already built and you can share numerous updates with engagement from people you know and just outside your network. When Twitter X, Threads and other networks are struggling, Facebook and LinkedIn will thrive as these platforms know how to ensure you gain some engagement and then boost in front of others.

» Instant Delivery RIP 📦- Friend of Must Reads Harry writes a brilliant post about instant deliveries soon to be death (think Gorilla’s, Getir & GoPuff) and why no-one really needed it. Like I said to Harry there are a number of use cases where it makes sense but its going to be rare people can’t wait 30-60 minutes.

Mustard Skittles is celebrating National Mustard Day in August, expect more random advertising stunts in the near future to gain more cut through

» Life Must Reads

» Must Watch Vodcast ⁉️three quarters of an answer is better than an answer and a half” - Simon Sink joined The High Performance Podcast and was the best podcast Simon has been on for a while (if you like his famous why TED talk, you will like this)

++ Trivia Answer ++ - Google mentioned AI 38 times - this is deliberate and be prepare to hear AI millions of more times

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