Must Reads 273 💸

>> Anchoring Bias Problems

Good Morning Must Readers, here is newsletter #273 packed with a number of must reads, must listens and must views.

» Anchoring Bias 1️⃣- Google’s big illustration making us think we know more than we do. Their BARD (AI) offering is going to make it worse as the instant answers will take a long time to become accurate enough.

UK’s Largest Supermarket Tesco Made £1b Profit in 2022

++ Trivia Time ++

Tesco is famous for being the dominant supermarket in the 🇬🇧 but how many £s are spent in their stores (from all the money spent in UK) - is it
(A) 1 in every £10
(B) 1 in every £9
(C) 1 in every £7
(D) 1 in every £5

 » The Person Behind Making Science Cool Again 👨‍🔬- Dr Andrew Hubman is doing an incredible job (tenured professor at top college), from appearing on major podcasts, hosting his own mega in-depth podcasts and debunking and breaking science down so even I can understand is a framework for so many others. His approach to creating a new media company is genius and a blueprint for many of how to be the KOL (key opinion leader) .

» Travels AI in Or All Out 🛫- AI is taking over numerous industries, travel is the primed industry read for LLMs to take over and optimise our travel (experience) and optimise the way we travel and the prices we pay.

This week the Ford Fiesta finished their last production of the car, here is a lovely touch saying goodbye

BTW there was a smart London underground where they’ve taken over Barbican and renamed Barbiecan

« Barbie World - The fascinating story behind the Barbie wardrobe and the evolution in the digital world (we will see how well the Barbie push has been with brand partnerships and AR filters for the Mattel movie coming out soon).

» Learn About Boom & Their Journey To Supersonic Travel ↙️ (aka the new concord concept)

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» Confidence & Imposture Syndrome 🙃- What all execs are struggling with and what you can do about it (hint more isn’t an option)

» Apple & China 🇨🇳- Often the Apple and China connection is overlooked but Apple have go into China like many others haven’t, by launching on WeChat with a mini program (think like an app) and on Tmall. So many Western countries get it wrong in China, looks like Apple won’t.

» Robert Greene 48 Laws Of Power Is A Must Read Book (as is 50 laws of power with you guessed it 50 cent) - Here Are A Few Knowledge Bombs ⤵️


Let failure become your teacher in life. #robertgreene #failure #motivation #inspiration #thursday #fyp #tiktok

» SpikeBall & The Future Of Small Cult Games 🏸 - Spikeball has become particularly popular over the last few years and find out what their plans are and why we will become hooked once we play (it reminds me of the pickleball coverage and how people are talking about sports that age well the older you become)

» When Design Joins The C-Suite & How To Use Design To Rethink Business - AirBnB approach to business and re-thinking design, product and delivery - FWIW he spoke in front of the audience that would love his narrative. I think Brian is a super smart operator but his PR tour is more for Wall Street than making change across industries 

++ Answer Time ++ It is 1 in every £7… every little helps I suppose  

Thanks for reading again this week and go and have a great weekend!

Danny Denhard
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