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>> Summer Summer Time

Good Morning Must Readers, This week’s newsletter is newsletter #272.

I am going to be changing how Must Reads is going to be sent for a few weeks. It is going to be less analysis-heavy and more links you should read, listen or watch.

Culture 👥

» How To Improve Your Teams Culture - here are ten ways to improve team and micro cultures aka subcultures within your business

» Microsoft Has Fallen Like Many Others With Rush To Release More Features With Mass Layoffs & Focusing On Exec Pay Not Employee Pay

» How To Move Into Better Hybrid & Remote Culture - Not just by documentation

++ Trivia Time ++ 

With the Sriracha hot sauce shortage in the 🇺🇸, what is the highest price listed on Amazon? (A) $91 (B) $102 (C) $124 or (D) $155?

Brand 🥤

» Why Being A Brand & Knowing What Makes Your Customer Tick Means More - Thankfully Sephora Has It Right

» Don’t Believe The Hype! Brands Will Have To Evolve Further Than Before For Customers & It’s A Great Thing!

Leadership 👩‍💼

» Why Outcome Bias Is Hindering Professional Sports & Thinking Differently Will Be Key To Success

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» Why Attention Seekers & Long Post Bros Are Centre To LinkedIns Latest Update 
— & Here is my latest round of themes that have come up in my coaching session Including: Confidence, Imposture Syndrome, Delivering On "Unreachable" Goals & my quick fire coaching tips.

» TikTok Aka Booktok Has Taken The Book World By Storm But Is A Move Into Selling Its Own Books a smart move or a move to prove it can sell? Outside of their core app in China, TikTok needs to prove to advertisers it can drive sales and mass sales itself. With $1-2b spent in advertising it has to show all of the investment is worth it.
And is Indonesia a hint at how TikTok is going to go after Amazon’s dominance? 

» Where There Is Search & Deadspace There Will Be Ads & Uber Is Going All In. Uber Eats has this internationally, it’s not JustEat aka takeaway to drive more ads. Expect many others outside of food and delivery to do this…

Music 🎤 

» AI Music & The Problems Faced Inside Music Before Other Industries

» How The Mixtapes Movement Drove HipHop Is Now Struggling With Its Relevancy

» How Apple’s Shazam IDs 23k Song Every Minute & How It Became The Music Discovery Engine When Out & About ⬇️

++ Trivia Answer ++ It is a shocking $124 (C) per normal bottle. Better get those shipments from London Ready.

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