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Ideas To Strategic Bets

Good Morning Must Readers, newsletter 256 breaks down the following themes

  • Celebrity Money - How RiRi makes her money and how her empire is built and how global sport superstars are earning their money outside of their athletic fields

  • Boss Bets - Why the CEO bets might now be under scrutiny from the team after their big bets gone bad

  • AI Fakery - Apps and filters have used ML and AI for years but now is AI being baked into the operating system going to hurt sales and trust - likely.

  • Brand Partnerships - The impact of brands reshuffling their prioritises is going to impact the consumer, hint - we pay more for their mistakes and poorly performing partnerships

  • Exec Coaching - Why execs need coaches and not just the CEO (with a few learnings to help shape your Q2)

>> Big Ideas Not Landing - Here's How To Make It A Strategic Bet 💡- Struggling to get cut through on your big ideas at work? Here is a process to follow to turn ideas into strategic bets

>> The Bosses Pet Project 👨‍💼👩‍💼 - Finally there is an article calling out the bad decision-making by the CEO / Founder and the impact it is having. Meta's metaverse bet was a core reason why thousands were and will be let go.

>> Adobe's Big Move: The Modern Day Office 🏢- Mega offices and HQs are getting licks of paint and bigger spaces, meanwhile Adobe are on a mission to show they have gone further with a big press and media push of their San Jose HQ and how they have reshaped their office. While others use press releases and interviews to force people back into the office, Adobe have been a little smarter in showing their new office & how it's more deliberate.

>> How BaT Blog Became The Go To Car Resource & Auction Site 🚗 - How a little-known blog played the long game and now is the car marketplace to sell your vehicle. Great lessons on how to play the long game and value your expertise.

>> The Highest Paid Athletes Of All Time 🏀 - Lesson to learn, the majority earn their money playing and through sponsorship, it's how long you can make the non-playing career work that makes you lifetime rich.

>> Samsung Faking Moon Images 🌚 - Reddit is often the place where stories go viral and products are brutally reviewed, this time around it was Samsung caught using AI to fake an image of the moon. Unfortunately, the blurring of the lines between optimisation and augmenting reality is blurring even further and I predict, we are going to see brands use this to sell more products when it's misleading its users. The bigger question now becomes: Where is too far? And then, where do we draw the line on the use of filters? (>> here is Samsung's weird response)

B Better Have My Money 💴

>> How Fashion Is Thinking About Deeper Brand Signals 👗- Fashion is almost always logo dominated, it is a sign of status or an attempt to show status, fashion designers are going a little deeper and attempting to add deeper signals and signature looks and styles into making the brand resonate further. This has happened across multiple arenas, this theme is likely to go on for a few years IRL and then onto our screens (like skins and NFTs have done the last ten or so years)

>> Netflix Wrong Bet? 📉- Netflix & Microsoft was a huge surprise to many in ads when they partnered up for advertising. It's been a slow and rocky start for Netflix which has struggled to clearly communicate what they are doing, who with & what it means to the customers. Rumour has it Netflix is already looking for a new ads partner. Maybe the two have worked out who is their prioritises and which projects make the most sense (Netflix's profitability and need to please advertisers in the process & Microsoft's AI dominant future and its a rush to compete with Google and win the AI race)

>> Lush Latest Stunt? 🧼 - Lush famously "left social media" and stopped using certain channels (including stopping influencer marketing a couple of years ago), and now they are hinting about moving away from Google. These stunts make headlines and press but do they help the company operate or is this another example of a stunt that will hinder performance? (FWIW numerous brands used to use these tactics from the 80's to the 2000's, it is now a choice to use big tech platforms, whether it is possible to be successful and opt-out is another story)

>> Health Revolution 🩺 - 23andme has had its critics (& rightly so with selling data and their connection to investigations) over the years but has been changing the way we test and find out about our history and our bodies, they are predicting a revolution of positive change in healthcare. I hope so, however, it's likely to come at a cost for us the consumer and not come on national health care systems.

>> Who Makes Money From Recycling & Trading In Your iPhones 📲- (With Video) The process is interesting. So who makes the money...Many third parties (resellers) make a significant profit from your old phones

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