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Good Morning Must Readers, Newsletter 251 has more great stories to read, watch and listen to:

  • The real importance of crisis comms

  • The world is crazy for AI 👀

  • FaceTime hacks you should know

  • Hermés power

  • What deja vu actually is

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>> Crisis Comms Framework 💯 - Many companies struggle with crises, surprisingly when they are in a middle of one, here is a free playbook to use, helping to record and drive positive outcomes 

>> Elon Losing It 😡 - Elon is seen as a genius by many, but the way he acts is often just evil (+ genius) especially when it comes to the management of his companies, this has not changed since taking over at Twitter. This week he fired a top engineer for the lowering view counts. Elon's obsession over social engagement stats shows how he is trying to trade off the misleading social currency...engagement. The firing internal stories for years have been wild (Tesla had 5+ CFOs in a couple of years previously).

When headlines are completely misleading, I feel like I need to explain in more detail

>> AI Flight Operations Optimisation 🤖- This is a good read for those who want to understand the positive AI is having, from reducing waste, predicting wind better and improving whether to delay or cancel flights helping to optimise revenue and customer experience. The fear of moving forward is overly relying on data sets but expect this to be rolled out into industries with tonnes of data points

>> Chat, AI & Potential - I have kept quieter on the chatgpt3, openai and AI movement recently, it is covered everywhere. One important factor here is how so many are approaching AI differently, Bing and Microsoft see it as an internal play to improve bing and edge browser, externally so it can learn from your data sets and help you improve knowledge, customer support and success. Google has released it's take on better services with AI, Quora is going for an Q&A app approach and then companies like Notion are building AI directly into their product and offering unique tools like writing a pro and con list from data you give it. This theme is going to continue for years to come, what is going to happen is a huge spike of activity and then a bubble will burst. Tip; stay up to date, try out the tools, but don't let huge headlines mislead you on what is life-changing and what isn't.

+ This Weeks Game - How many of the number 1 songs in 🇬🇧 in 2022 were driven by viral trends on TikTok? (A) 8/10 (B) 10/12 (C) 15/20 (scroll to the bottom to find out if you were right!)

>>  Procrastinating Broken Down 💭 - The secret is regulating your emotions and then understanding how they get started. An interesting way to address procrastination

>> Facetime Hacks 📲 - A tool I love using is Facetime, it's super flexible and if you are in the apple ecosystem you can use iPhone's, iPad's, Macs etc and leverage your other devices. Here are 7 or so hacks, my favourite is Facetime Audio, quick group calls with a link so you don't have to supply your phone number etc.

>> 5 Ways On How Your Product Can Stand Out 🙋‍♂️ - How to stand out of the crowd with 5 simple steps, from pricing to being smarter about product and product design.

>> Hérmes Wins Legal Battle With Web3 👜 - One of the most important wins is Hermés beating metabirikins in the legal case for the use of their Birkin brand-name. It's a fascinating world that luxury is so protective and even going into the web3 world and owning trademarks and usage when it ultimately might be worth the fight. Luxury is often the first mover and I predict many will follow suit, especially with the murky usage of brands in the space right now.

>> Super Bowl Weekend 🏈 - For many, the Super Bowl is the biggest event of the year, for others, it's just another event they don't care about but the Marketing world obsesses over. Rihanna is the headline act and it will be her first major music outing since ~2017, the music world has evolved greatly since and the new wave of being successful is letting the fans pick the hits whereas for decades it was the labels. I hope Calvin joins her for their famous duets and introduces a greatest-hit tour. $7m for a 30 second ad slot is often seen as a great investment...Ben and JLo despite becoming a Grammy meme (Ben suffering isn't a pleasant view) is helping Dunkin with their first appearance as a commercial. Enjoy all of the ads here.

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Observation Of The Week💡 This week has crystalised something, this world is full of givers and takers. I share this in every workshop and Adam Grant really lands the importance of knowing the difference and how humans are made up (and choose to act)

>> Jupiter Has 92 Moons 🌝 - One moon is beautiful, how about 92, apparently it's now known that Jupiter now has additional moons and now has a total of 92. Space is amazing right!

>> Deja Vu 🤨 - I love that we are understanding more about how we are made up and how the brain operates, we have struggled for years around the brain but understanding deja vu is our way of recorrecting itself is quite settling to me. With so much learning I expect a lot to be invested and more to learned over the next few years and I'm excited to see what we unlock!

Game Of The Week Answer - It is (B) 10/12 number 1 hits came from viral TikToks.

Thanks for reading again this week and I'll land in your inbox next week

Danny Denhard