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This week we are going to dive into: Better Internal Comms // The Distrust of Facebook & Meta // Android App Issues // Casual: The Future Of Fashion // Why Mental Health Should Be Seen As Highs & Lows

    >> Tricks To Better Internal Comms 😶- How to improve the vital piece of work that is internal comms and gaining cut through from content you crafted especially.

    >> Human Bot Problems 🤖 - Cnet over the last week or so were caught out using generative AI to create numerous articles, the problem was they didn't check it was plagiarised, with errors and pretty low quality, thats a human issue. The bigger move is they said they will continue nonetheless with more editorial across it. This goes against what journalism used to be. It makes you wonder in a world where you need quantity and headlines not quality, will we see more abuse by mass media or will we see a smarter approach. My fear more AI use as it's cheap and "scaleable".

    >> Plant Based Milk Winning Or Losing? 🥛- Grocery Gazette asked for my take on the plant-based milk movement and if the raising costs of dairy milk will have a positive impact on the alternative products. I also offer my take on Oatly and why they are leaps ahead of others (hint they aren't as young as you might think).

    >> AllFans 🌶️ or 🙋‍♀️- This is a long read on the evolution of the platform OnlyFans, I cover OF and other competing platforms regularly as they are thriving in this macroeconomic environment. Their near future is evolution, when platforms try to diversify away from their core, it's either a sign of issues or a sign of their confidence to become something more. OF is trying to become a media company with documentaries, reality and potentially sports. The way they win is by acquiring more entertainers/creators and entertainment onto their platform for free driving into pay-per-view and more subscriptions. With over $1b in revenues OF is a potential power player in the evolving media landscape.

    >> Distrust Of Meta 📲 - Almost half of Brits distrust Meta (why we would be surprised really?), when Brits are obsessed with WhatsApp, Instagram and many still with Facebook app, it does surprise me that so many are wary of Meta. LinkedIn & Zoom are far more trusted btw...

    >> Dominant YouTube 💪- Something you might see is the introduction of audio on YouTube, we saw YT become dominant in video, then music being uploaded and then podcasts become vodcasts and now YouTube might just beat out other platforms with audio as it is transferable and doesn't create friction to those who receive the share, you can watch or listen openly not like on other platforms.

    Weekly Game>> Google made huge cuts this week, but how many "managers" does Google have (a) 10k (b) 20k (c) 30k (d) 50K (scroll to the bottom to see if you got it right)

    >> Android Download & Unistall 👎 - There has been a lot made of the number of apps that are downloaded now and less made about how many that are then uninstalled quickly, 50% within a day, most within 30 days. An app is hard work, that's why in two places I advised we removed the apps as the web experience was better and only useful in specific usecases.

    >> How Many Of You Agree With 👇?

    >> High Highs Low Lows ❤️- Great video explains why you should see your mental health like a heart monitor

    >> Casual Comfort 🧥- Like being comfortable and more relaxed. Good news the casual look is in for the rest of the year. What might be of interest is if this style is accepted when in the office now many are enforcing return to the office and many expecting “formal office attire”.

    Love this from Spanx founder Sara (she has a series called mugshots across Social)

    This week's game answer is (c) 30k, yes 30000 managers within Google. Quite a few middle managers were impacted by their mass layoffs. Get it right? Hit reply and let me know!

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