Must Reads 248

Sleep Debt 💤

Good Morning Must Readers, I trust you had a great week. This week we are going to dive into👇:

  • The unspoken and unaddressed work factors impacting you everyday

  • 4 day work weeks working?

  • Illegal consultants

  • TikTok becoming a super-app?

  • Therapy before a job

  • Sleep debt

> What Most Miss: What Are The Factors At Play 😣- What many leads (not leaders) miss is the actual factors at play at the business and how to manage and then action the actual influences at work. (Includes free framework to share or forward on)

> 4 Day Work Weeks Work? 4️⃣- The data is in and the majority of companies believe 4 day work weeks work, will we see more adopt the working style? Hopefully but I actually don't think there will be a huge mass shift to 4 days, longer hours per day (won’t be seen as better) and lack of buy in from leadership (always done 5 days so you will too) will cause many to bypass this.

> Snooker Match Fixing 🎱 - Who would have thought snooker would have to suspend and investigate 10 players. Following on from the chess scandals of late, are we seeing external pressures, especially from real-time gambling and numerous ways to bet, it is negatively and illegally influencing sports (even soccer/football has come under investigation with deliberate bookings). With this happening expect bigger knock-on effects in "boring" or "classic" sports.

> TikTok Podcasts? 🎧 - Tiktok is going after your free time and attempting to become the operating system/super-app for the young by adding in podcasts into the app (aka where they spend long periods of time). This is a Chinese way of thinking when it comes to developing affinity and problems it solves within its app (this is WeChat’s mantra and became the operating system on mobiles in China). Smart yes, will it work, maybe, can TikTok be the entertainment and shopping destination - potentially but if banned in US which looks like it's going to be hard to influence Europe and surrounding nations.

> The Netflix Content Secret 🍔 - The “gourmet cheeseburger,” offering something “premium and commercial at the same time.” A great long read on Netflix exec Bela Bajaria, who heads up global TV. (BTW Netflix turned 26 this week)

Love This 👇

> Morphe Lessons💄- Morphe came under pressure from employees on TikTok for poorly handling shop closures, then bigger issues bubbled to the surface and have a lawsuit of $2b for selling non-approved products. After relying on influencer collaborations and trend products it struggled to live up to the hype and ultimately failed by poor strategic decisions. Many are questioning the end of beauty influencers but it is actually more that brands make bad decisions and rely on renting large audiences.

> Herb Consultant 🍀- As a consultant, I appreciate how people find work in different industries, this is fascinating how you become a brand consultant in the evolving UK cannabis industry.

➕ Weekly Game>> How much of a pay cut did Apple CEO Tim Cook take this week? A/ $15m B/ $25m C/ $35m

> How Therapy Helped Actor Brianne Howey To Prep For Ginny & Georgia  👏 - I recently finished the latest series of Ginny & Georgia and it covered a lot with each episode coming with trigger warnings. I love the idea that actors will help themselves by prepping for a role by seeing a therapist and prepping for the many powerful storylines

> The Five Phrases That Hinders Your Work Relationships 5️⃣- Just a friendly reminder…Passive aggressive phrases within the workplace can either be entertaining or enraging, often these make my annual buzzword bingo card.

> WTAF Is Sleep Debt 💤 - You might have heard that catching up on sleep is important but sleep experts have empowered us with knowing that sleep debt is about getting those missed hours back as quickly as possible. A good read if you struggle with sleep.

This week's game answer is: $35m pay cut, that's a 40% pay cut. Yes CEOs of the largest tech companies get paid that much and Tim Cook is the leader of the largest company in the world and isn't even in the highest paid.

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