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>> Work Must Reads

> What 8 Leads Had To Say To Thrive in 2023 👏 - Every year I work on a project to help leaders kickstart the year right. This year I worked with 8 leaders from CEOs, founders, CMOs, burnout experts and specialists to answer 1 simple question, how to thrive for the year ahead. > How To Improve Your "Bad Habits" 👇

> Leaders Have To Embrace EQ To Help Burnout 🔥- A great way to kickstart the year by learning how to embrace emotional intelligence and understanding how burnout works.

> Stress & Workforce 😦 - How to lead stressed out workers is a good read on WorkLife, surprisingly the start of the year is seen as a fresh start but for many, it’s just picking up from where they left off.

> Cognitive Closure Kills Creative Thinking 🧠 - Why rules are good and bad for us, especially when we want to be creative, by default it already stops creative thinking and problem-solving.

> Buy Now Pay Massively Later 💰 - Why growing pains are coming for Buy Now Pay Later - 2021 and 2022 saw large increases in usage and reliance on BNPL. I’ve been critical on numerous previous newsletters and I remain critical of how BNPL is becoming the new credit card many people just don’t understand how it actually works and cannot actually afford one or multiple services. I know it's tough for us all but we should really help to educate people on the dangers of BNPL services.

> Confused By The New Slang Words? 💬 - What are the new slang words (like ick) to look out for on both sides of the Atlantic.

> The Metaverse Failure 😨 - the thing that doesn’t matter for most. Meta’s future has been heavily invested in by CEO Zuck and co rightly or wrongly and it’s hurting them every week. Despite being a hugely successful company Meta is not ageing well and despite believing a new form factor (the metaverse) is the future, will enough of us want to live in a 3d world, unlikely.

> Stress On Your Watch Management ⌚️ - Apple Watch is now ready for stress and potentially stress management. Where there are built-in features, means there are a lot of new opportunities with apps and widgets for iOS

> Bing / Microsoft & OpenAI vs Google 🔍 - Microsoft has already invested $1 billion into OpenAI and now rumours are whirling around Bing incorporating chatCPT tech. The use cases are so very different from Google as you often aren't looking for one answer, Bing's significant step forward might be personalized search and becoming the answer engine away from the slow and bloated ads engine that is Google.

>> Life Must Reads

> Seth Godin Genius - The Problems With Leaf-blowers 🍂 - The way to kill an argument, is by researching it and highlighting the issue, ineffectiveness and costliness.

> From Popular Yogi To QAnon Believer 🧘‍♂️ - An incredible example of how certain beliefs and a combo of strong storytelling and timing can take someone from their 'normal or celebrated life' and become a believer in almost anything

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The Links Between Caffeine & Anxiety

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