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Tote Bag Battle

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Good Morning Must Readers! Happy blursday (or in the words of Joey Whatday), I know for most it is the time of the year where you are unsure what day it is and where Christmas went, so here is a quick fire must reads to keep you informed for the week ahead. 

Thanks again for reading, replying (just hit reply to chat to me) and sharing Must Reads this year. This week I look ahead and how we could make the most of the upcoming themes for 2023 and beyond. 

>> Work Must Reads 

> Leadership & New Years Resolutions 🏃‍♂️ - Learn how a COO & PT thinks about leadership and driving positive change for the new year. Hint small habits create great routines. 

> Time To Rethink DTC 💰 - DTC aka direct to consumer had its moment, 2017-2021 were the DTC golden years, unfortunately, many are now struggling with the lack of investment, having close to no margin to operate, consumers understanding they can get deals with retailers selling these products and that the quality of experience might actually be better when not exclusively going direct. Distribution is King, Queen and everything in between in 2023. 

> Great Profile 👏  - Here is an excellent profile of actor and producer Jessica Chastain, portraying powerful female stories and deliberately driving positive change in Hollywood.

Find out why 

> Self Driving Taxis 🇨🇳  - Baidu has just launched its self-driving taxis (aka fully driverless robotaxi rides) & it did 474k rides in Q3. We are about to see this tested over in the US across many different cities - it's a few years away from it being optional whether you want a human or robot driving you from A-2-B.   

> How HR Sees Hiring In 2023 🤔 - The tone for hiring in 2023 is its going to be tough, even for backfills for many large businesses, HR execs are often closest to if companies can hire, so this article is an interest look behind the secretive curtain. 

> Power Of The Tote 👜 - The tote bag went from being a joke to the must have fashion item and an environmental statement, this article dives into the importance of the tote bag and how some brands are making them their move for 2022/2023. 

> Struggling To Understand ML, AI, ChatGPT? 🤖- I know I talk a lot about the next themes coming into our lives and I try to explain them but if you hear machine learning, ai and chatter about ChatGPT3 and think WTAF, this is the article for you before you return to work or have to have one of those chats ;-) 

> There is a lot made of the most downloaded apps each Christmas, the issue with this is it's one day of downloads and does not represent long term success. BTW Couldn't have said it better myself 👇 

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>> Life Must Reads 

> Nike Training Club 🏋️‍♂️  - Netflix has teamed up with Nike to have their Peloton moment and connect fans with fitness while having a branded experience from home. Smart for Netflix to be the host (and for sure a retention play with the streaming wars heating up again), & smart for Nike to embrace the streaming giant and take (in their eyes) connected fitness to the masses. If I were adidas, puma or under armour I would be looking to connect with apple fitness and becoming the partner for HNWI. 

> 2023 = Travel ✈️- Almost everyone I have spoken to wants to travel in the new year, so here are the must visit 12 destinations for 2023. 

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